Target Store Gutted by BLM Rioters Reopens With New Woke Design to Make 'Black Guests Feel Overtly Welcome'

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A Minneapolis Target store that was infamously gutted by Black Lives Matter rioters in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death reopened this week with a new design — make that a new “woke” design — as reported by the Star Tribune.


In a post on Target’s corporate website, the retailer’s REACH committee — Racial Equity Action and Change —said the goal of the redesign is to make “black guests feel overtly welcome.”

Is this the time to point out that the last “black guests” to visit the Lake Street Target store in Minneapolis “overtly welcomed” themselves into the store?

Warning: graphic content.

REACH pledged to continue its work to build on an “inclusive environment for all.”

“Inclusivity is a core value at Target and we’re proud of our work to be an open and welcoming company. After the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many more, we’re reminded that we need to continue to work urgently, every day to build an inclusive environment for all.”

Just one problem.

Check out Target’s idea of “an inclusive environment for all.”

Maybe I missed the part where that “inclusivity” includes Hispanics, Asians, Jews, Muslims,” and anyone other than Black people. This is not to suggest that Target excludes the aforementioned groups in its “inclusive” commitment, but it sure did specifically “target” one group only in its “everyone deserves to feel like they belong” update.


Team: We’ll start with our team, where we’ll focus on creating a workplace where Black team members can build meaningful careers and have success at every level. In addition to prioritizing the advancement of Black talent, we’ll look to recruit best-in-class Black talent to Target and move with even more urgency to ensure that we have Black leaders at every level of the organization. We know that hiring and advancing talent is not enough, so we’ll also focus on engaging Black team members more meaningfully, including more development and training programs, so they choose to stay at Target.

Guests: We’ll continue our work to create an environment where Black guests feel welcome and see themselves represented throughout their experience with Target, including with the products we sell, our marketing and our in-store and online experience. We’ll use Target’s resources to advance the development of Black-owned businesses by providing access to resources and expertise, and we’ll look to bring even more products and services to our guests from Black creators, designers, agencies, suppliers, vendors and contractors.

Communities: REACH will specifically focus on fueling the economic, social and structural vitality of Black communities across the country, looking also at where we can help our business remain relevant within Black communities. Similarly, we have immense pride for our hometown and we know there is a lot of work to be done to achieve racial equity in the Twin Cities and the state of Minnesota. An essential part of this work will be elevating the voices of those most impacted by systemic racism and learning from and partnering with Black communities on solutions and programs.

Civic Engagement and Public Policy: Target will work with policymakers on issues where our expertise as a retailer will make a difference. We will prioritize safety and police reform, and fuel education and economic opportunities for Black Americans.


Target’s chief external engagement officer, Laysha Ward, told Bloomberg that the goal is to replicate this seemingly uninclusive design across the country.

“We’re really thinking about this relevant experience that is overtly black and reflecting overtly black needs and culture. We have to make sure that the solutions we’re putting forward are informed by the insights of our own black team members, our black guests, the black community.”

Speaking of Target’s “inclusivity,” as reported by my RedState colleague Jeff Charles on Friday in an article titled Target Removes Book Critical of Transgenderism After Progressive Wokesplaining, “Target became the latest company to prostrate itself before the altar of the woke after a Twitter user complained about a book in its inventory.”

Now that Target has gone full-bore “woke,” I wonder if any of its stores will be the “target” of “black guests” “overtly welcoming” themselves in the event of future “peaceful protests”?


Stay tuned.


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