Embattled Speaker Nancy Pelosi Slobbers All Over Biden's Pretend 'Tremendous Mandate'

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The Democrats’ buzzword of the moment is “mandate.” As in “Joe won one.”

As reported by my RedState colleague Bonchie on Saturday morning, Democrat presidential NOMINEE Joe Biden on Friday night, while stopping short of claiming victory, declared “the people have given us a mandate for action” — but it was Nancy Pelosi earlier in the day who took the cake, declaring that Biden received a “tremendous mandate” — in an election that has still not been called, no less.


The mask-wearing Speaker, who was miles away from the nearest reporter, said:

“I wish we weren’t wearing masks (uh, sure she was) so we could see how exciting it is to come before you today with Joe Biden having the tremendous mandate that he has. (Cue: ROFL emoji)

“This morning it is clear, that the Biden-Harris ticket will win the White House. President-elect Biden (wait, did I miss something?) has a strong mandate to lead.”

Then she said — warning: do not take a drink right before you read the following — the funniest thing I’ve read all day:

“I think Joe Biden has a big mandate, a bigger mandate than John F. Kennedy when I was in school.”

See what four years of Stage IV Trump Derangement Syndrome can do to a liberal’s brain? Even worse, Pelosi wasn’t starting from strength in the first place.

“I wish we weren’t wearing masks so we could see how exciting it is to come before you today with Joe Biden having the tremendous mandate that he has.”

Setting aside Biden’s pretend mandate for a moment, there are all kinds of irony at play, here, beginning with the grim reality visited on Pelosi and her House Democrat Caucus by Tuesday’s election, beginning with a drubbing by Republican candidates, leaving Madam Speaker barely clinging to her gavel and no doubt facing an internecine war over whether she will hang onto that gavel with her bony little divisive fingers, or finally be deposed, after several attempts in the past.


As I reported on Thursday in an article titled Pelosi Couldn’t Wait to Be Rid of Trump; After Tuesday’s ‘Dumpster Fire’ in the House, She May Soon Be Gone Herself, in an election in which Pelosi’s Democrat majority was poised to expand its lead over House Republicans, voters instead rewarded the Republicans with a minimum of five new seats.

Now House Democrats are not only asking themselves “What the hell happened?“, as reported by Politico; the “rapid-fire finger-pointing” about who’s to blame for Tuesday’s embarrassing showing has already begun, and more than a few of those fingers are pointed directly at Pelosi herself.

“It’s a dumpster fire,” one Democratic lawmaker said Wednesday, referring to the Democrats’ performance on election night, speaking anonymously to Politico. The bottom line: A growing number of “moderate” House Democrats are calling for Pelosi’s ouster, with several disgruntled members backing House Democrat Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) to replace the embattled Speaker. Said one such disillusioned Democrat:  “He’s the only one prepared and positioned. He bridges moderates and progressives better than anyone. And most importantly, he’s not Nancy Pelosi.”

Anyway, let’s get back to Sleepy Joe’s “tremendous mandate,” as envisioned by the Speaker. Check out what the three following heavyweights thought about Pelosi’s ridiculous “tremendous mandate” delusion.


Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly made the same point I made in my Thursday article referenced above.

“Pelosi says Biden has a “huge mandate.” Really? Dems lost seats when supposed to gain them in her chamber, d/n/gain control of Senate, saw DT win more votes than ever with minority groups, & did not see the promised Blue Wave. Truth will prevail in Jan. when gridlock settles in.”

Kelly drops mic, walks off stage.

Media reporter for The Hill, Joe Concha, called Pelosi’s declaration “peak 2020.” Hoo boy, if that ain’t the truth.

George Washington University law professor and criminal defense attorney Jonathan Turley, who effectively argued before the Democrats’ sham impeachment trial of President Trump, unloaded on Pelosi, not only pointing to the Democrats’ “razor thin margins,” but also mocking the Speaker’s reference to “a unifier,” a position he said she “admires from a distance.”


Nancy Pelosi just called the election “a huge mandate” for Joe Biden. That is a rather curious statement given our ongoing monitoring of razor thin margins as well as the loss of seats in the House and the apparent failure to retake the Senate (despite record Democratic spending)

“Pelosi who notoriously ripped up the State of Union speech also declared the importance of electing someone who is a unifier. That would seem a position that Pelosi admires from a distance.

Turley drops his mic, follows Kelly and Concha off stage.

Here’s thing. We’re well aware of Pelosi’s all kinds of crazy when it comes to anything Donald Trump. But her new nonsense of suggesting a soon-to-be 78-year-old guy who can barely string two sentences together, says “Barack and I think it’s a right to have ‘badakathcare,'” and declares he plans “to lead an effective strategy to mobilize ‘trunalimunumaprzure’,” has a “tremendous mandate” is off the charts. Biden doesn’t have a tremendous mandate from anyone. In reality, in the eyes of Trump-loathing Democrats across America, the only thing Biden has going for him is he’s not Trump.


Incidentally, Merriam-Webster added a definition for “trunalimunumaprzure” to cover Joe’s butt, as it did by altering its definition of “sexual preference” in an effort to fly wingman for lunatic Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Delusional). M-W’s definition of trunalimunumaprzure: “having or showing a high degree of mental ability.”

Nah, I’m just messin’ with you — and Merriam-Webster, who deserves every minute of it.

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