Joe Biden Fantasizes About Physically Assaulting Trump Because Fundamental Decency or Something

Joe Biden Fantasizes About Physically Assaulting Trump Because Fundamental Decency or Something
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Joe Biden is just a fundamentally decent person, or at least that’s the narrative consistently spun by the media, the left, and many on the right who have their moral blinders on. It’s almost as if his 40+ year political career that’s been laced with self-dealing and corruption never existed, never mind the latest revelations about his family’s business dealings in places like China and Ukraine.

Of course, give a person enough time and they’ll remind you of who they really are, hence Joe Biden once again dreaming about physically assaulting Donald Trump.

My word, he’s just so freaking decent of a human being. Obviously, the mark of great empathy, self-control, and honor is riffing about beating up your opponent at a political rally.

But as I’ve shared many times, this is a blind spot for so many people, including a lot of commentators on the right who may oppose Biden but buy into the idea that he’s somehow generally good. Morality is not only defined by past premarital affairs. Those are awful things and one of the worst things you can visit on a spouse, but to boil all of political morality down to that is shallow and short-sighted.

What’s morally decent about Biden’s foreign policy, for example? Was bombing Libya and turning it into a modern day slave state decent? What about instituting the rise of ISIS and the deaths of tens of thousands of people at their hands? We can talk about Syria as well, where Joe Biden’s former administration screwed things up so badly that over half a million people died. These are things even many conservatives don’t take into account when judging decency and morality.

The topic of abortion is at the forefront as well. Biden has morphed from a relative moderate on the issue to adopting the left’s most disgusting excesses. Yet, some continue to insist he’s just a decent guy. No, he’s not.

There’s nothing decent about Joe Biden or his party. Anyone continuing to make that case, either directly or by purposely omitting his failings is simply gas-lighting at this point. There’s enough history out there to recognize that decency and morality are not only defined by past personal failures but rather encompass the entirety of a politician’s platform and previous decision making. By any objective measure, Biden is no better than the rest of the Democrat party establishment.

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