Noted Infectious Disease Expert Hosts of 'The View': Trump Never Had COVID; He Faked It

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Joy Behar

Don’t you just love “The View”? Me neither, but I was impressed by Thursday’s episode, on which world-renowned emerging and infectious diseases experts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar set the record straight on Donald Trump’s short bout with COVID-19.


Or should I say alleged bout with COVID-19?

According to these two experts, Trump didn’t have the virus at all. He faked it, as gleefully reported by left-wing rag Daily Beast.

During a larger discussion about the evil Trump resuming his rallies, Dr. Goldberg first offered up her analysis, as she was responding to a fellow co-host’s complaints about herd immunity — which is currently under consideration by the White House.

“You know what? The more he talks, the less I think he had it, personally. That’s just me, that’s just me.”

Dr. Behar concurred.

“Me too! I’m starting to think that too, Whoopi.”

Dr. Goldberg then further explained her diagnosis.

“I’m starting to feel like, really? Because I just feel like, wait a minute. [Trump is] the only person on the face of the earth [to seemingly be fully recovered just five days after his hospitalization for the virus].

“If you are comparing yourself to Jesus, you’re saying five days, that’s all it took? People still haven’t been able to get out of bed.

“So I just don’t know. And we couldn’t get the information about it and I just feel weird about it.”


Co-host Sunny Hostin, who is not a noted emerging infectious diseases expert, suggested that perhaps Trump recovered from the virus so quickly because other people “don’t have access to the same drugs.”

“It’s not about the drugs,” Dr. Behar snarled. “He’s a liar. How can you believe anything he says?”

So there it is. The whole thing was a ruse. Not only Trump contracting COVID-19 but herd immunity, as well.

The above diagnoses by Drs. Goldberg and Behar appear at the end of this clip, after the good doctors reveal herd immunity is “nonsense.”

Dr. Behar also checked in on Friday with a third noted emerging and infectious diseases expert, Dr. Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, a well-known fan of Trump [sarc].

“Okay, Mark. Trump says he’s never felt better, and getting the virus was a blessing from God. What do you think about somebody who would say — a president of the United States saying it’s a blessing of God to get sick — to get a deadly virus? When 200 thousand and more have died already?”

Dr. Cuban concurred, as he also weighed in on the effects of the virus.

“What can you say? Literally, what can you say? It’s just inhumane to do that — it’s so disrespectful for all the people and their families.”


And on that went.

In today’s hyper-partisan America, how comforting it is to know that if we would simply open our minds to the truth, how easy our lives could be if we’d just check in with the ladies of “The View” on a daily basis.

It’s all right there; from in-depth political analysis to historical perspective, to expert medical advice, to Hollywood rumors and stuff.

Kind of a one-stop-shopping thing.


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