Alums of Jewish-Founded Private School Outraged by Headmaster’s Condemnation of Anti-Semitism

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As if “racism” in 2020 wasn’t already crazy enough with “this” being “racist” and “that” being “racist” and every possible permutation of “racism” and “white privilege” and “social injustice” the crazed Left can concoct, this happened.


My headline reads like a racial algebraic equation, doesn’t it?

A group of alums of a distinguished private school in Baltimore founded by Jewish Americans has condemned the prestigious school’s headmaster for denouncing  — wait for it —anti-Semitism.

Let that sink in for a minute.

In other words, welcome to 2020, America — and no doubt beyond.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon on Monday, a group of self-described “white alums” from Baltimore’s Park School, a historically Jewish school founded in 1912 by Jews who were barred from enrollment in the city’s existing private schools, skewered the school’s leadership this week after the headmaster condemned anti-Semitic comments by a group of activists calling themselves the “Black at Park Organizing Collective,” various alums, and parents who demanded the school implement a wide-ranging series of reforms.

That would be “reforms” — 2020-style.

As WFB reported last week, Park already buckled to the anti-Semitic demands of the Black Lives Matter activists, who had denounced the elite school’s “parasites,” “wealth hoarding,” and “Zionism.”

Here’s a summary of the Collective’s demands, per WFB.

The Collective, which claims to be composed of “recent and distant alumni,” accused the school of promoting “anti-blackness” and “anti-black violence.” It seeks radical changes to the school’s curriculum, admissions, and hiring.

The school, they claim, is home to “white supremacist structures and environments of learning, teaching, and community-making,” and Park “has established this culture of anti-blackness as normal and permissible.”

The administration, they wrote, must “atone for the deep and painful anti-black violence our black peers have experienced.”


Noah Pollak nailed the reality of the hypocrisy of the Left — which knows no bounds — perfectly. (Think: Biden caving to Bernie Sanders, AOC, and other far-left loons in the Democrat Party, et al.)

“The dynamic here is the same everywhere: liberals enjoy fighting conservatives, but when they’re attacked from the left by radicals, they fold instantly. And they don’t just surrender, they apologize and beg for forgiveness and promise to obey.”


Nonetheless, in a scathing Open Letter from White Alums to the Park Community, the “white alums” slammed headmaster Daniel Paradis for criticizing the activists. Excerpt:

“As white alums we stand in solidarity with them, doubling down on all of their demands with a renewed emphasis on the critical exploration of the links between Zionism, settler colonialism, and anti-Blackness.”

“As white alums we feel the need to weigh in on the hollowness of Paradis’s accusations and the failure of white Park students, parents and alums to be true allies to the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“Park not only hoards its political connections for its own financially and geographically isolated community, it diverts public funds away from the segregated black Baltimore that it helped to create.”


So what had Paradis said to the Black Activists that got the “white alum’s” Leftist panties in a wad? In response to “Members of the Black Park “Collective,” the headmaster wrote, in part:

As the leader of this school, I take seriously my responsibility for dismantling the way that white culture, white systems, and white individuals have worked to harm Black people and damage positive Black identity.

I would challenge you to consider, though, whether or not your intention in the letter was to include language and imagery that is, in its own right, rooted in hatred.

Specifically, I am referencing the use of pernicious anti-Semitic tropes that have been applied throughout history — and you now apply to Park’s history — including “wealth hoarding,” “tolerance for Zionism,” and “parasitic relationship.”

We want, and need, to engage our entire community as we break down our own prejudices.

Oh, the humanity — right?

In other words, Paradis suggested, how about we all break down our own prejudices and work together on our concerns.

And for that, the “white alums” excoriated Paradis.

The pervasive, dirty little non-secret secret of the Left is the insidiousness of its decades-long anti-Semitism.

In recent years, from Barack Obama‘s treatment of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — in favor of the Palestinians — to wild and disgusting anti-Semitic rants by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan,  to the anti-Semitism of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who in August said COVID-19 was created by “the Jews” to wipe out Muslims.


And then there’s Joe Biden.

Although the Democrat presidential nominee has long been a supporter of Israel, in August his campaign apologized for Biden’s denunciation of anti-Semitic flamethrower Linda Sarsour. In a private call with community activists, a recording of which was obtained by Middle East Eye, Biden campaign officials said statements against Sarsour were an “egregious misstep.”

The bottom line.

Put bluntly, the Democrat Party is rife with anti-Semitism — or at the very minimum, with those who continually refuse to condemn it.

And when the headmaster of a historically-Jewish private school founded by Jews who were denied entry to the city’s existing private schools is condemned for denouncing anti-Semitism? For denouncing inflammatory anti-Semitic comments by Black Lives Matter activists?

This is where we now find ourselves, America. It is real. And it is getting worse. The question is, how worse must it get before it even has a chance of getting better?


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