Dennis Prager Has a Question: ‘If America Is So Racist, Why Are There So Many Race Hoaxes?’

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FILE – In this March 26, 2019, file photo, actor Jussie Smollett talks to the media before leaving Cook County Court after his charges were dropped, in Chicago. On Friday, July 19, 2019, lawyers for Smollett filed motions contending the actor was the victim of an attack in an effort to convince a judge to reverse his decision to appoint a special prosecutor in the case. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty, File)

Conservative radio talk show host and syndicated columnist Dennis Prager wrote, three years ago: “Perhaps the second greatest libel — and certainly the most widespread — is that America is a racist country that oppresses its minorities and women.”

(The “greatest libel,” Prager wrote, was the “infamous blood libel” in the Bible; the “fabricated charge” that Jews killed Christian children to use their blood to bake matzos — unleavened bread — for Passover.)

Three years later, Prager has a simple question:

“If America is so racist, why are there so many race hoaxes?” Excellent question — particularly in light of the “systemic racist” myth perpetuated by the Left and its “mainstream” media sock puppets.

“If America is so racist,” Prager wrote, why is it that “virtually every time we read about a swastika painted on a door, or a noose hanging from a tree to taunt blacks, it turns out to be either a false alarm or, more frequently, a hoax”?

Disgraced actor Jussie Smollett unavailable for comment.

Prager detailed 12 instances of racial hoaxes in his piece. Among them:

The Duke lacrosse team (2006): Three white members of the Duke University lacrosse team were falsely accused by Crystal Mangum, a black student at North Carolina Central University, with having raped her. The charges were all fabricated, but the American media and Duke University faculty rushed to judgment and devoted months to smearing the three lacrosse players and Duke University itself as racist.

University at Albany (2016): “A state appeals court has upheld the University at Albany’s expulsion of a woman who along with two friends falsely claimed to be the victim of a racially motivated attack on a CDTA bus in January 2016” (Times-Union). The three black women had attacked a white woman and then claimed they had been racially attacked.

Bowling Green State University (2016): “Bowling Green police say student lied about politically driven attack” (ABC). “The day after the 2016 election, Eleesha Long, a student at Bowling Green State University — about 90 miles west of Oberlin — said that she was attacked by white Trump supporters, who threw rocks at her. Police concluded that she had fabricated the story” (City Journal).


And who could forget this guy?

Jussie Smollett (2019): In one of the most notorious hoaxes, actor Jussie Smollett claimed he was attacked by white racists in Chicago on a freezing night. The story was a hoax. The “noose” was a rope his two co-conspirators had purchased for staging the “attack.”

“Nooses” have always been a perfect go-to prop for race-hoaxers, including, most recently, the case of NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace.

NASCAR (2020): A “noose” was found in the Talladega, Alabama, racetrack garage assigned to black NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. FBI investigators determined it to be one of several such ropes placed sometime the year before in Talladega garages as door pulls, long before that garage was ever assigned to Wallace. But Wallace continued to maintain it was, in fact, a noose.

More “nooses” hoaxes, including another high-profile case in 2020.

Oakland’s Lake Merritt (2020): After the city of Oakland launched a hate crime investigation regarding a noose hanging from park trees, Victor Anari Sengbe, a black man, tweeted: “It’s not a noose, this guy climbed the tree and put up the rope for a swing months ago, folks used it to exercise… ITS NOT A NOOSE.” Nevertheless, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf then tweeted, “Intentions do not matter. We will not tolerate symbols of hate in our city. The nooses found at Lake Merritt will be investigated as hate crimes.”

University of Delaware (2015): “‘Nooses’ Found Hanging on University of Delaware Campus Were Lanterns” (NBC). University President Nancy Targett had earlier announced, “We are both saddened and disturbed that this deplorable act has taken place on our campus.”

The LSU noose (2015): It was widely reported that a noose was sighted at Louisiana State University leading to protests against racism there. It was later reported, “LSU said a picture of what appeared to be a noose hanging from a campus tree Thursday was not what it appeared to be” (WBRZ).


Prager might be a controversial figure to the Left, but he’s right.

If racial “incidents” are so commonplace in today’s America of “systemic racism,” why is it necessary to concoct hoaxes? To further the narrative? The twisted desire for attention, by some, and the dishonest playing of the victim card? Let’s go with “all of the above.”

(See: “Jussie Smollett.”)

Incidentally, if you haven’t kept up on the Smollett case — not that there any reason you should have kept up with it — as we reported in April, a federal judge threw out the discredited actor’s “malicious prosecution” lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department.

So why are races hoaxes so important, Prager asks? Other than often damaging — or destroying — innocent people, while perpetrators often get away relatively scot-free? Prager writes:

Here’s why this is so important. If there were a lot of racism, there would be no need for hoaxes. No Jew in Germany in the 1930s made up an anti-Semitic hoax. No Jewish shop owner ever made up a charge that a Nazi hurled a rock through his store window. The reason? None was needed. Nazi hatred against Jews was real. It didn’t have to be faked. To convince people that America is racist, you have to fake it.

If I may add to Prager’s truth, the Democrat Party, 75 years removed from Nazi Germany, is more than willing to help the race hoaxers “spread the word.” In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, Democrat after Democrat has dutifully lined up to prostrate himself or herself before the Black Lives Matter movement and the false altar of “systemic racism.” You know, to help shed light on “the problem.”


The real reason?

Continuation of the Democrat Party’s 60-year-history of exploiting Black America — for votes, of course — and the necessity to continually remind Blacks that without the Democrats to protect them, the “racist” Republicans would do unspeakable “racist” things to them.

As Joe Biden so “eloquently” put it during the 2012 presidential campaign: “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains.”

It’s all about the narrative, folks. And those who control it, win. Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s Reich Minister of Propaganda, said it best:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Am I comparing the Democrat Party to the Third Reich? Of course not. Joe Biden to Adolf Hitler or Joseph Goebbels? Emphatically, no. 

Besides, one side (see: “Democrat Party”) comparing the other side’s leader to Hitler, or the safe detention of illegal alien children to Auschwitz, and other such vile misrepresentations, is enough.



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