How Much Does a "MyPillow" Cost? BBB Wants to Know

We’ve all seen the ads on cable TV. The “MyPillow” guy, Mike Lidell, is promising the best night’s sleep we’ve ever had, tells us how he designed the pillows himself. How he came from nothing to build his MyPillow empire from humble beginnings with hard work. His life story is nothing short of an American Dream. Are his promotions more of nightmare? The Better Business Bureau has downgraded the “MyPillow” company after complaints about the endless “Buy One Get One Free” promotions.


CBS has the story:

The nonprofit watchdog’s Minnesota and North Dakota affiliate downgraded the company’s BBB rating to an F, CBS affiliate WCCO reported. The organization says the company violated its code of advertising after receiving complaints from consumers.
The BBB said MyPillow’s “buy one get one free” discount must be offered for only a limited time. Otherwise, it would be construed as using the sale to mask the product’s regular price. According to the bureau, the offer then becomes continuous and its price must be presented as the normal price of a product.
The BBB says a “substantial number” of the 232 complaints filed against the company are focused on this issue of what the price really is.
The group said it contacted MyPillow owner Mike Lindell about the confusion, and he told them he wouldn’t be able to stop the company’s “buy one get one free” offer, but would look at making changes in 2017. When pressed for more, the BBB said Lindell was not specific.


As someone who has googled the price of a MyPillow, I see what these people are saying. It is of interest that the complaint is about the promotion, not the product. Only in America do people complain about a BOGO offer.



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