The Baby Bottle Flipping Clip You Didn't Know You Needed...

Sometimes the internet gives us things we didn’t even know we were missing, until they show up. This was just one of those videos that I had to share with you, an inspired Dad uploaded it to Youtube earlier this week. The star of the show is a little girl emulating her big brothers’ game of bottle flip, those of you with kids are familiar with it, I’m sure. The constant “boink” of the plastic water bottle as it hits any hard surface nearby. Somehow the tiny tot makes the “game” much more adorable than annoying, then she finishes with a surprise encore!

Just try not to smile while you’re watching this:

Dab-ing has never been so endearing. I literally can’t stop watching. Her laughter alone would make this video go viral, throw in her dominance in Bottle Flipping and celebration dances, we’ve got a bonafide hit on our hands. It’s really no wonder it’s making the rounds on social media, is it?

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