Huckabee: US Should "Jackhammer" The UN into the East River (VIDEO)

Huckabee: US Should "Jackhammer" The UN into the East River (VIDEO)

Former Presidential candidate and Fox News Contributor, Mike Huckabee made an appearance on Fox and Friends, Tuesday morning to discuss the UN resolution concerning the movement of Israel’s borders. I’m not a fan of former Governor Huckabee, but on this he’s right. Asking Israel to accept this resolution would be a “suicide pact”. The long reaching effects throughout the middle east if the sole democracy were illegitimized further in the region, could be nothing short of apocalyptic.

Huckabee gets on a roll here as he accurately slams the UN and the Obama administration on the issue. Watch:


“Silence is agreement, and by the U.S. being silent and abstaining [from the vote], they did agree to it, and I think they helped orchestrate it,” Huckabee, a strong advocate of Israel, told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” program.

On Monday, Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer told CNN that there is “clear evidence” that President Barack Obama colluded with the United Nations on the vote, and that the evidence will be released after President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

Huckabee Tuesday said he does believe Israel will release the information and it will be “very embarrassing.”

Meanwhile, Huckabee said the idea that Jerusalem should be divided is “nonsense,” and talk of the disputed area being “occupied” is a misnomer.

“Jerusalem has been the capital for only one people in its entire history, dating back 4,000 years, and that’s the Jews,” said Huckabee. “There’s never been a Palestinian capital or Arab capital in Jerusalem ever.”

He said he would like Obama, who suggests “that the Western Wall, which is the one remaining part of the ancient temple, should be part of disputed territory, to visit Israel and go to the Palestinian territory.

“Pick up a map made by the Palestinians and look for Israel on the map,” said Huckabee. “You know what you won’t find? It’s not on there. You know why? Because the Palestinians don’t think Israel should exist. You can’t make peace with people who don’t even think you should be alive.”

I don’t know that I buy into Huckabee’s theory that Israel will release secret documents after Donald Trump takes office, but I do believe that Israel is relieved that Trump won. The more we see from the petulant Obama administration in the final weeks, make me hopeful that America got it right. Hillary Clinton would have done nothing to improve the situation in the middle east, she planned to continue the policies that failed Obama.

America’s most valuable ally is Israel, it will be a pleasant change to have a President who acts like it.

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