Kanye West Visits Trump Tower Twitter Explodes

As you may have heard, read, seen Kanye West visited Trump Tower for a brief meeting with President-elect Donald Trump. Yeezy as he is known to his fans or Ye for short once again managed to break the internet. Twitter exploded as people from both ends of the political spectrum and those in between reacted to the news of West and Trump hanging out together. The laughter we all deserve.


Amanda Carpenter kind of nailed it here…


The internet hasn’t been all that fun as of late, and maybe we needed a little humor… or a lot. Clearly many of us were in dire need of some comic relief.

Did it really matter why, the two were getting together? To these peeps, the why was worth the thought. I’m glad they took the time, they crack me up!



To others it was a signal of Kanye’s future political aspirations.



Maybe it’s Trump that was looking for advice?

Of course, not everyone was amused. Or was it gallows humor?


Some of his fans weren’t at all happy with Kanye’s decision to visit Trump.



There were quite a few but most of them contained language I couldn’t share here. Let’s just say they were more than just disappointed.

Mary Katharine Ham wraps it up quite nicely.

Yes. 2016 just when we think we’ve seen it all. You always remind us the year isn’t over yet.


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