Trump Tweets Warning to Another Indiana Company

President-elect Donald Trump just finished his victory lap in Indiana, for his Carrier deal and now is apparently targeting another Indiana company for its decision to move jobs out of the country.


Rexnord is an Indianapolis based machine parts manufacturing company. Reports suggest that they are planning to move approximately 300 union jobs and 80 managerial jobs to Mexico. Trump says “No More!” A tweet is not policy, but in the Age of Trump, it can be seen as a warning.

So what does that mean for other companies, trying to leave the Country? Mike Pence headed up the discussions with Carrier and was able to work out a deal to keep about 1000 jobs here in the US through tax incentives. While it’s always good news when Americans keep their jobs, the issue continues to be, is Trump picking “Winners and Losers”?

Is this “Crony Capitalism” or is it just a precursor to what a President Trump will do to keep America competitive in the world market? It remains to be seen, but many of his supporters would not have celebrated this news if President Obama had done the same. If President Trump is serious about businesses staying in America, then it’s time to look at reducing the corporate tax rate for all.


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