Quit Yer Whining.

It’s been a little over a week since the President Election came to its blessed end. We spent nearly two years going over all the possibilities, the outcomes and now it’s done. Oh and Donald Trump won. That last bit feels almost like an afterthought at this point though. Most Americans are just so sick of Politics in general that after hearing the results I suspect many won’t turn on Cable News until the new year.


This has not stopped pundits and journalists on both sides of the aisle from becoming apoplectic at each rumor circulated about every single thing. The Political Junkies need to go to rehab.

Between the protests, riots and safety pins, the public hasn’t acted well either. We should be ashamed. We’re looking at a generation of Americans who have no coping skills and truly believe if they ask often enough, they’ll get their way. The participation trophy generation comes home to roost, to borrow a phrase.

We’ve seen this election compared to 9/11, Hitler’s Germany and a death in the family… by Adults. Its no wonder normal Americans have tuned the “News” media out. They’re ridiculous.

There are Winners and Losers in life, in nearly every situation, surely this election was not the first time you’ve heard this. There is also a thing called “sportsmanship” which is lacking on both sides. The Democrats are the sorest of bitter losers, meanwhile Trump supporters have proven themselves to be the worst of horrible winners. So caught up in personal grievances they haven’t even stopped to enjoy the fact that their candidate won, they’re too busy looking to extract “revenge” against those who wronged them in some way.


At a time when some self reflection would be good, America’s media can’t shut their mouth. They’ve encouraged continued “OUTRAGE”, because it has worked for them up until now. Or did it?

There are real tragedies in the world, running a free and open election isn’t one of them. Everyone needs to grow up. Thanksgiving is in one week. Look around, be thankful for the blessings that we have and quit your whining.


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