Therapy Dogs for NYC Special Snowflakes Triggered by Trump Win

Therapy Dogs for NYC Special Snowflakes Triggered by Trump Win

Just when you think you’ve heard it all…

It’s been one week since Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the Presidential Election, and liberals everywhere lost their collective minds. We’ve seen stories about counseling, “safe spaces” and now Therapy Dogs for the kids.

An elite New York City private school has brought in the hounds, to console their students that are struggling with Trump’s victory. No Really.

From the NY Post

Now we’re told that “pettable” pooches were brought to private school Avenues, which said in a letter that its faculty had backed Hillary Clinton, and “our students brought a great deal of emotion, anxiety and strong feelings” after Trump won.

I suspect these coddled youngsters would be better served with an introduction to coping skills, but that’s why I don’t live in NYC. Hard to imagine my very rural Pennsylvania High School offering us pound puppies to deal with an election that we weren’t old enough to vote in. In fact I don’t remember hearing about support dogs for children in New York, even after 9/11. In ten years, parents will wonder why their 20-something can’t handle a breakup or a job loss, and end up on the couch.

You literally can’t make this stuff up.

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