DOJ Whistleblower Christian Adams: There Are Tools We're Not Using To Prevent Election Fraud

Department of Justice whistleblower Christian Adams delivered one of the more interesting speeches at the True The Vote Summit last week in Houston, Texas. He recounted the voter intimidation case in Philadelphia. Then, he talked about how liberals elect people so that every element of the election process is controlled by liberals. That way, in close elections, every decision point leans left.


We’ve seen that in Minnesota and Colorado. After his speech, I asked Christian if he could explain how conservatives could be more savvy about election fraud. What can we do preventatively? What can we do when we suspect fraud? He provides some very solid advice.


Most important from the video: Christian talks about Section 8 of the Motor Voter act so states clean up the voter rolls and get rid of dead or ineligible voters. In Colorado, there were 4,000 ineligible votes. The Senate race was decided by 800 votes.

Please watch to learn what you can do to help. You can read more from Christian Adams at Pajamas Media. We conservatives need to be educated and fight back.

“If you stay home on election day and watch the vote results, you are not on the battlefield,” says Adams. Amen.


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