Open letter to the American voter

Promoted from the diaries by streiff. Promotion does not imply endorsement.

I am not going to request every living human being to just vote Republican, but I am asking every American voter to consider a few things before making his or her decision on who they vote.

What is a Congress elected to do, each time they convene? Is it to make appropriate legislation to further the ability of the American experiment, or is it to play tiddly-winks with our current president because a political party only wishes to overturn the results of a legitimate and official election? Is it a correct course of action for the media to say things that are factually inaccurate about their political opposites? People may have differing opinions about who is right, or who is wrong, concerning the media, but that institution has taken sides, throughout our country’s existence, and it is wrong to allow it to continue. We either make our decisions based on truth, facts and how the country is performing, or we make those decisions, based on pure political idolatry. Which would you prefer? I sincerely hope everyone would base their decision on a provable commodity, rather than what some political pundit, on any channel you watch, says, because you can listen for only a couple seconds to any commentator and see exactly who they are siding with. it does nothing productive to tell someone to stop listening to a particular channel or commentator, but one thing is highly recommended, and I wish more people would default back to it: look at the world, yourself. See what is happening around your part of the world. See what a politician says, and does, and if he or she demonstrates by his or her actions that he or she is compatible with your view on how society is to be.

Leave the entire media as a grain of salt. It would be asking too much of anyone to just throw everything out, but when you apply a little common sense, see what shapes the world around you, you can then make a more reasonable decision on who you vote for. Republican, Democrat, communist, capitalist, however you see what is progressing around you is going to make your decision for you, but never forget all the things that made our country great, and those things that failed us in the past. And, for God’s sake, look at all the suffering people have had to experience through tyrannical regimes, like Venezuela, before you go and misunderstand another example that may have been caused by some academician who has a distorted view of political structures that had nothing to do with his or her success in academia. Some people do have agendas, and many of them are not in your best interest.

Please start using your own brain and free yourself of all the political dogma. It’s really easy, and if you do decide on your own, no one will have to beg for your vote, nor have to lie to get it, because the process makes the outcome be very clear. You either wish freedom over security, which means you are capable of taking care of yourself, or you aren’t. I choose freedom, any day, over tyranny. You might disagree.

What did the Founders give us? Was it a pact to squander, or was it a way to release the chains and allow the individual, which happens to be the ultimate minority on the planet, a way to achieve individual success? Just that one question should answer a lot of the other questions that come into view. Considering self interest, first, should always be your first priority, because you can’t help anyone else until “You” prosper. You would be wise to consider your own self interest before you place blind faith in a politician. What does he or she have to offer you? What do they represent? Those are serious questions, and require serious thought.

How about doing your own homework, and leave the TV turned off. Look at the world, around you, and start having a fresh look at how you are a part of it. Then, and only then, can you make the right decision about the people who represent you. We just don’t need a perpetual impeachment hearing. We do need representatives who do their jobs, and I will never be convinced that an entire political party was sent to Congress for a perpetual impeachment hearing. That is a job covered by the Constitution, only to be used in the most dire emergencies, and, in my world, things are looking pretty good, when I see blacks, whites, hispanics and everyone else, having more jobs, making a living so they can support their families, live their lives and contributing to the experiment, known as the United States of America.

We don’t need to be kept in a perpetual state of discontent over who thinks an election was right or wrong. That job was performed, last time, by the electorate. Every four years you have the right, but you also have a duty to accept the results of your fellow voter, so make your choice wisely.

I can live with a loyal opposition, can you? I find myself on the other side of that fence, often. Nothing wrong with that.