China, part 2

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China is about to go insane, as if they weren’t all along, and Hong Kong is in their target. Xi Jinping has boxed himself in a corner, and, once again, he wants to make some kind of deal with Trump,  primarily over the way the tariffs are destroying China’s economy, but, secondarily, it is about Hong Kong. The “secondarily” is a by-product of those tariffs, and China’s currency manipulation, something they will never quit doing. When you lose your manufacturing base, which is something you never read about, in our news, but is rampant in mainland China, you lose everything else that goes along with it, like dollars, employees, which is crucial, even to China. Hong Kong has had a vibrant economy because they built theirs from literally nothing, but the openness of a free and British system of law and order. There was nothing, before, but chaos.

It was the shining example of how freedom allows a people to thrive by their own devices, and China has been taking advantage of a free people, ever since the introduction of the mafia styled communism that is there destroying it, today. What can go wrong, if you have a bunch of thugs ruling over mainland China, and next door, the free people, who were given back to the thugs, who actually never had any claim to them, in the first place, are now to be subjects of the thuggery?

China has been reaping the benefits of that free society, by using Hong Kong’s banking system, which was highly recognized as one of the world financial centers, by simply using them as a money laundering scheme. The rich among the mainland Chinese, who are allowed to keep their wealth, well, temporarily, have bought up all of Hong Kong at insanely high prices, because they have no idea how wealthy they are, and will spend money like a guy in a trailer who just won the lottery. Hong Kong is the most expensive real estate in the world because of it. Some say that those wealthy Chinese, from the mainland, are using it as a hedge to protect what wealth they can from the communist bosses, but they end up just contributing to the decline of Hong Kong, making real estate unattainable to the rest of the people, and losing it, anyway, by Beijing’s demand to take over the former colony. And Hong Kong is about to fail, as a result of that, and the flip in their once thriving transportation, financial and manufacturing economy to the service based, and loss capital market that went elsewhere, like Singapore.

This makes the problem of the average Hong Kong resident to want to fight against the communists even more, since they would only perish when absorbed back into a society that was wrecked way before most of them were born. What do sane people do, who have tasted a bit of freedom? They start protesting, and the people of Hong Kong have been bringing out millions to the streets to do just that. They are willing to die to protect it. They wave the American flag. They don’t start fights, like the communists would like the rest of the world to believe otherwise. It makes me sick. We are intervening correctly. We don’t need to start a war, to help them, but we do need to keep up the pressure, economically, and Trump is doing it. China will be the rattlesnake in the corner. They will be starting any war, and to their demise.

The press is essentially silent about everything involving China. I saw one video that tried to explain the mess, and it also made me sick. I refuse to link to it, because they are a bunch of leftist, globalist liars, and have done the same hatchet job on Poland and Hungary. What is shown on the surface is mainly a bunch of carnage going on in Hong Kong, but the story is so much deeper, and the media doesn’t want anyone to know about the communists in a bad light. I think that says so much about all the garbage about the right being the left and the left being the right. You should know what I mean. Revisionist History 101.

There is beginning to be a push back in mainland China,  because that Great Firewall of China has failed. Thank God! Even if it is by word of mouth, when those on the mainland begin to hear about their relatives in the former colony, and they don’t like what they hear, it puts Xi Jinping in a difficult position. Does he quell the protest by having that Tianmen Square massacre, again? It is one of his choices, and it looks to be the inevitable choice, since he already amassed the PLA on the borders, and he has his failing economy. He will be making a real bad decision, and he will be the sole leader in China who takes the blame, when his entire economy and government crashes, and it will. The world will see to that. That is just too much carnage and outrage to not make the most leftist Democrat cringe, and the world will stop trading with China.

For the correct policy with, or against China, one must start to realize that every previous trade agreement China has made with the US, it broke, which just means they are just liars and thugs. They can only be handled by force, either economic or eventually military force, which is where all this is heading. You don’t trade with criminals and thugs, without becoming one. We should have no trade with China. Unless you are willing to die for your own trinkets, made by slaves.


My money is that all this is starting to happen, and it will take less than two years. It is a repeat of more failure of communist dictators, and history just keeps on getting forgotten.