Elbert Guillory Gives Us A Game-Changer

By now many of our readers have seen the video Louisiana state Sen. Elbert Guillory released earlier this week indicting Mary Landrieu and the Democrat Party for the terrible effect their policies have had on the black community and the cynicism of Landrieu’s once-every-six-years appeal to blacks in order to maintain her share of their votes.


If you haven’t, see it here.

The video has been hailed as a potential game-changer. Allen West called it “the most powerful message of the 2014 mid-terms.” Mark Levin said Guillory “obliterates” Landrieu in it. The Washington Examiner says it’s “scathing,” and the Weekly Standard says Guillory “lowers the boom” on her.

And the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley perhaps summed things up best

Republicans regularly complain that Democrats take the black vote for granted, and rightly so, but seldom have I seen this argument made as cogently and eloquently as Mr. Guillory makes it. “Mary Landrieu knows that she doesn’t have to do anything for our community,” he says, “because no matter what she does 95% of us will line up and vote for her every time.” If other Republicans are looking for an effective message of black outreach, they ought to give Mr. Guillory a call.

But there was one problem with Guillory’s video. Namely, that it was cut as a two minute, 20 second web ad.

The people who desperately need to see it aren’t white conservatives who read blogs. We already know everything in that video to be true. We’re the choir – and we’re the wrong choir, at that.


The people who need to see this thing are black voters, primarily this time in Louisiana. Black voters who usually vote Democrat. As Riley says, the answer to attracting more black votes isn’t found in more pandering – it’s in saying the things which need to be said. In challenging them to examine the effect of this 90 percent loyalty to Democrats at the voting booth.

Shaking loose 10 percent, or even five percent, of the black vote in Louisiana makes Mary Landrieu unelectable. Guillory’s message is, as Riley notes, the best chance going to do that.

But you won’t reach black voters with a viral web ad. You’ve got to get that message on TV if you’re going to make a difference.

So Guillory’s political action committee, Free At Last PAC, is re-cutting the video to make it a 60-second TV spot and putting it on airwaves all over Louisiana. To do that, though, they’re going to need the help of those of us who are sick of the Democrats raking in unearned votes from communities they destroy with stupid policies.

We’re going to need to fund this project. Consider this a call to action.

The online donations page at Free At Last PAC’s website can be found here. Please consider dropping Guillory some cash, and sharing this piece with like-minded friends.


It will take the better part of a million dollars to cover the airwaves in Louisiana with this message. There are just more than four weeks until Election Day in November, and after that there are five weeks until the runoff election in December. That’s a tight window to attempt to make a change in the electorate, but if the conservative movement gets behind this message we will at least have a test case to show the big-money GOP donors that if they actually do want to break the Democrats’ stranglehold on the black community there is a road to do so that doesn’t involve surrender to the Left.



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