Los Angeles Has the Opportunity to Revive Itself or Have Decades of Setback

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Eric Garcetti’s eight-year tenure as Mayor of Los Angeles is coming to an end. Under his leadership, Los Angeles residents witnessed more crime, a larger homeless population, more homeless encampments, a housing shortage, more of the same corruption in city hall, and more bureaucracy.


Garcetti’s tenure as Mayor was an utter failure, and residents should feel some sense of relief that it is coming to an end, but not if Rep. Karen Bass becomes Mayor. Some have said she would be the female version of Garcetti or Garcetti 2.0, and they are correct. Bass is a career politician; like most career politicians, she is corrupt.

Bass was also part of the Venceremos Brigade in the 1970s. The Venceremos Brigade organized trips to Cuba for “young, leftist Americans for half a century.” Bass praised Fidel Castro in the past, then renounced her praise in 2020.

Politico reported in August 2020:

Rep. Karen Bass on Sunday walked back 2016 comments praising Cuban leader Fidel Castro, as scrutiny of her views toward the Communist government threatened her potential selection as former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate.

As a resident of Los Angeles, businessman Rick Caruso is the right person to lead the city right now. He has done well in the polls among all demographics, and small business owners seem to overwhelmingly support him. In Los Angeles, 90 percent of businesses are small businesses, but some are fleeing the city because of crime, homelessness, and drugs.

Caruso’s promise has been consistent. He’s gonna clean up the city, get crime under control by making sure DA George Gascon does his job, and help small businesses thrive.


If Nathan Hochman (R-CA) wins the Attorney General race, he will also be able to hold Gascon accountable since Newsom-appointed AG Rob Bonta (D-CA) has the same soft-on-crime mindset, as residents overdose on drugs, women don’t feel safe walking alone on the streets, and criminals are continuously being released from prison even after multiple arrests.

Caruso worked under three former Mayors of Los Angeles — Tom Bradley, Richard Riordan, and James Hahn. Caruso led the police commission under Hahn, and he appointed former New York Police Department leader Bill Bratton as Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department.

According to Caruso’s campaign website:

As President of the Police Commission, Rick increased public safety, reduced crime, and fought corruption. Rick took over leadership of LAPD during a period of turmoil for the LAPD, with the Department operating under a federal consent decree. Caruso restored public trust in the LAPD, especially in the most diverse neighborhoods, and among those areas most impacted by crime. In partnership with LAPD officers, City leadership, and community members Rick oversaw a 30 percent reduction in crime, fought for community policing and police accountability and stood up to political pressure when he hired Chief William Bratton.


Los Angeles has a clear choice. If residents want more crime, corruption, bureaucracy, housing shortage, homelessness, open-air drug markets, people continuing to flee the city, and small businesses leaving the city, vote for Bass.

If residents want the quality of life in the city to improve, if they want 30,000 shelter beds ready for homeless people to enter as soon as a bed is ready for them, and for the homeless to be treated and get their lives back on track, if they want criminals behind bars, and not on the streets committing the same violent crimes, cut wasteful spending, and for small businesses to be heard and supported, they should vote for change, and vote for Rick Caruso.


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