Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Karen Bass Continues to Support DA George Gascon

Jamey Stillings

Los Angeles Mayoral candidate and Congresswoman Karen Bass continues to endorse disgraced Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon. Not only does she support him despite the rampant crime wave the county has experienced, but her support continues after his policies led to a gang member getting released from prison early, leading to the deaths of two El Monte police officers.


Gascon sat in the front row as Bass launched her campaign for Mayor. When asked if she will campaign with Gascon and for him during the recall election, Bass said:

“My focus is going to be on the Mayor’s race…I’m not going to be focused on the recall.”

But then she added something very interesting that voters should question.

“But the recall has to pass the most significant hurdle. Will it even qualify? We don’t know if that is going to be the case, and I will tell you that it is doubtful from what I’ve talked to people, it is doubtful that the recall will qualify. But if it does, my focus is going to be on the Mayor’s race.”

RedState’s Bob Hoge reported that the Gascon recall campaign collected 715,833 signatures. It will need to go through a verification process by August 17 before the recall is on the ballot for the November midterm election.


Bass’ opponent, billionaire developer and businessman Rick Caruso, supports the recall, but at the beginning of Gascon’s campaign, Caruso supported him. He later backed out and endorsed former DA Jackie Lacey because he did not think Gascon was the right person for the job. He was right.

Caruso will be similar to Mike Bloomberg’s run as Mayor of New York, but I believe Caruso will get much more done than Bloomberg. He is exactly what Los Angeles needs at the moment.

Karen Bass has been in politics for decades, and she has not delivered for the citizens of Los Angeles. She will be the female version of Eric Garcetti. She once praised murderous dictator Fidel Castro, and in 1973 she traveled to Cuba with the Venceremos Brigade. This group organized yearly trips to Cuba for young, leftist Americans for half a century.


If voters turn out in November to recall Gascon, Caruso will likely benefit from that, as he is tough-on-crime. He wants a return of law and order as well as help the homeless people get rehab and mental health help. But at the same time, he plans to ban encampments and return that space to the public as well as build more shelters for the homeless.

These two candidates cannot be more different than each other. Some days I don’t even recognize my city. But if Los Angeles wants a change for the better, to revive the city, and make this the dream place again, it starts with recalling Gascon and electing Caruso as Mayor.


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