Another Biological Male Dominates in Women's Sports, This Time It's Women's Golf

Hailey Davidson (Credit: Hailey Davidson/Instagram)

In another women’s sport, another biological male competes with women. As we saw with Lia Thomas, the transgender who dominated in women’s swimming but lost badly in men’s swimming, and as we saw with Laurel Hubbard, the transgender who competed in the women’s Olympic weight lifting competition. Hubbard lost, but the media turned it into a “historic” achievement because Hubbard became the first transgender to compete in the Olympics. Hubbard won the University of Otago “sportswoman of the year award.” Thomas was nominated for NCAA “Woman of the Year.”


Now, transgender golfer Hailey Davidson is competing at The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) as the professional women’s golf qualifying school tournament is underway.

Davidson finished the first round at 2-under, which puts the golfer in a strong position to win. Davidson is competing against 310 biological females. This tournament is to see which of the golfers will advance to December’s Q-Series tournament, LPGA card.

In 2021, Davidson was attempting to fundraise for qualifying school, saying:

“I know I have what it takes from being around professional golfers on the LPGA/PGA/Champions Tour over the recent years and staying very competitive with them all. While I know that I have the talent and mental game to make a career out of playing, the initial cost of tournaments and practice expenses is what truly holds me back.”

Davidson competed with a golfer who had 10 career LPGA wins and won the 2010 U.S.Women’ss Open title, Paula Creamer. In 2010, LPGA dropped the “female at birth” requirement, which allows Davidson to compete in the women’s league.

Davidson has won thousands of dollars thus far from these tournaments. In January, the reward was $2,250, and in March, per, it was $2,000. In total, Davidson has made $4,800 from the tournaments.



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According to the transgender golfer, there is a mission. Davidson told SBNation’ss

“I know what I can do within professional sports can hopefully knock some sense into people to stop hurting these (trans) kids … My making money on a golf course is great and all, but what is really important are the lives of people being affected by this. I’m going to find a way to make sure that every single one of those laws are gone before I leave this earth.”

Well, what about the women who worked hard to reach the tournament? Do the women’s lives that are being negatively affected by this not matter?

As I mentioned in my previous article, for those who support biological males competing in women’s sports, the question they should answer is – if their daughter(s) competes in any sport, whether it’s weightlifting, golfing, swimming, etc. would they want a biological man competing with them? Everyone can form and is entitled to their own opinion; that’s the beauty of the United States and the First Amendment, but if their answer is no, why would they want to impose that on other women in sports?


Where are the women’s rights advocates? Where are those who claim to care about women? It is important for those people, those politicians to speak up in support of women when it comes to women’s sports. It is not right, and it is not fair that biological men are able to compete in women’s sports because these women put in a lot of hard work to compete and win, but their effort is being ruined due to transgenders competing with them.


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