UH-OH: Was Part of Melania Trump's Speech Plagiarized from... Michelle Obama?

Oh boy. In general, I found Melania Trump’s speech to be the highlight of the first night. What can I say? I grew up in the age of Reagan, so I am a sucker for eastern bloc emigres who come to America and fall in love with freedom. However, in the age of the modern Internet, you absolutely cannot just rip off an entire paragraph from a speech that was as high profile as Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech and just hope that no one will notice.

Because someone is gonna notice.


This is a real shame, and I’m being dead serious. Obviously this is not Melania’s fault and she is far from the first prospective first lady who had all or most of her convention speech written by someone else. In fact, I would be shocked if literally all of them hadn’t had a significant portion of their speech written by others. Same goes for candidates, too – not just the candidates’ wives. She obviously wasn’t trying to rip off Michelle Obama on purpose.

Just an absolute Bush League move by Trump’s campaign, though, putting her in this position. How amateur do you have to be to allow something like this to happen? Such a disgrace. I truly do hope that Donald fires whoever was involved in embarrassing his wife this way.