RNC: #DelegatesUnbound Voting Protest Fizzles. Trump to Receive Nomination

Well, that is that. This is one protest I was not really fully behind. The rules fracas yesterday was a debacle for the RNC because it wasn’t even about trying to undo the election, it was trying to protect the integrity of future elections.

In the end, any protest that might have occurred was killed by the expedient of just killing microphones. And I don’t know that any was even attempted. But this is fine. Trump got the votes, he should get the delegates. Let the orange man-God have his run at Hillary. That’s what the voters wanted, after all.

Nothing says any of us have to support him in the general, but he’s earned the right to run on the Republican ticket, for better or worse (almost certainly worse). He did it according to the rules of the party he has so often scorned and criticized as running a rigged game against him. Well, whatever, no one said you had to be smart or honest to run for President – a point Hillary Clinton will reinforce for us next week.

God help us all, it’s all over.