Comey: Gmail is Way More Secure than Hillary's Server (VIDEO)

Say what you will about Comey’s decision making process, but the facts he has unearthed about Clinton’s server and how porous it was are devastating and continue to make campaign material against Hillary Clinton. Here he is explaining in no uncertain terms that Gmail is far more secure than the ridiculous setup than Clinton employed:


Cong. Blum: Director Comey, are you implying in that statement, that the private email servers of secretary Clinton’s (sic) were perhaps less secure than a GMail account that is used for free by a billion people around this planet?

Comey: Yes. And I’m not looking to pick on Gmail, their security’s actually pretty good. The weakness is in the individual users, but yes, GMail has full time security staff, and thinks about patching and logging and protecting their systems in a way that was not the case here.

Blum: I’d like to ask you what kind of judgment, we’ve talked a lot about judgment today, does this decision to potentially expose to hackers classified information on an email service that’s less secure than GMail, your words, what does that suggest to you?

Comey: It.. It suggests the kind of callousness that I talked about.

There’s just no positive way for the Clinton camp to spin this one.


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