Study: You Won't Believe How Much the Media has Pushed Gun Control Since Orlando

It’s probably not a surprise to you that the media has been in the tank for the gun control advocates since the Orlando shooting. They always are, and this time it has been especially bad. The media are uniformly liberal, but there are some issues where they are especially out of step with the American public, and gun control and abortion are tops on that list.


But it might surprise you exactly how much the media has been pushing gun control since the Orlando shooting. According to an MRC study, they have given gun control advocates an astounding 8 minutes of air time for every 1 minute they have given gun rights advocates.

Time spent arguing in favor of more gun control overwhelmed time devoted to opposing gun rights by 65 minutes and 12 seconds, to just eight minutes and 12 seconds.

CBS was the most stridently anti-gun rights network. By a whopping 10 to 1 ratio, CBS devoted more time to arguing in favor of gun control (30 minutes, 40 seconds) to time that supported gun rights (2 minutes, 56 seconds).

NBC devoted nine times as much airtime to anti-gun rights arguments (23 minutes, 20 seconds), while matching CBS with airtime for pro-gun rights statements (2 minutes, 56 seconds.)

ABC, which seemed far less interested in serious policy discussions, still devoted more airtime to arguments in favor of gun control (11 minutes, 12 seconds) to those favoring Second Amendment rights (2 minutes, 20 seconds), a 4 to 1 ratio.


Nor is that all. On the cable news side, MSNBC and CNN flooded the airwaves with almost unrelenting positive coverage of the Democrats’ pout-in stunt that accomplished absolutely nothing. The two networks combined to cover the story for an astonishing 7 hours worth of time out of the 48 hours the sit down was even occurring. At no point were the Democrats or their antics criticized. Compare this to the media’s coverage of Republican filibusters, and you’ll see exactly how in the tank for gun control the media really are.


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