Hillary Clinton Gets Trucked in North Dakota

I am not 100% positive on this, but I am not sure that another candidate in history has ever lost a primary – especially not this decisively – after having mathematically clinched their party’s nomination. But Hillary Clinton is a uniquely bad candidate, which is the only reason the Presidential polling is this close at this point.


With 73% of the vote in for North Dakota, Clinton is getting more than doubled up by Bernie Sanders. The major media outlets called this one immediately after the polls closed, which is indication of how roundly Clinton was rejected by the Democratic party faithful in spite of the fact that she has mathematically sewn up the nomination by all accounts.

Clinton looks set to win New Jersey, as expected, even though Sanders might get close to 40% of the vote before it’s all said and done. But the sad thing is that for Clinton, the night of embarrassment might not be over. Montana is fertile ground for Bernie and his supporters in California are determined to fight to the last man. If Hillary spends the last day of the primary losing more than she wins, it does not exactly send her into the convention in a position of strength.

Bernie has been convincingly defeated at the ballot box by Hillary Clinton throughout this primary. However, he is also convincingly defeating Hillary in head-to-head polls versus Donald Trump. This is not something Democrats have not noticed. And since the Democrats have given much more control over their nomination to their party’s establishment, Bernie hopes to convince the very people he has attacked all year that they should disregard the will of the Democratic voters in the hopes of securing the general.


And they very well might. As the Republicans have shown, there’s nothing a politician likes more than winning.



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