NC Governor Pat McCrory Takes Back the Lead in the Polls

Ever since he was elected, North Carolina governor Pat McCrory has been one of the prime targets for liberals. He’s been under assault from liberal protesters and interest groups since the day he took office.

Liberals, being the tone deaf people they are, thought they found a magic bullet against McCrory because of his defiance of the Obama administration’s edict to allow men into women’s locker rooms. Especially after every prominent left wing pretentious rock group sanctimoniously announced they were canceling their North Carolina concerts and Donald Trump said it was going to destroy North Carolina’s business community, liberals were dead sure that the people of North Carolina would stand up and demand McCrory be removed in favor of someone who wanted to allow men into women’s locker rooms.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the people of North Carolina do not agree. In the latest Civitas poll, McCrory holds a 5 point lead over Democrat Attorney General Roy Cooper. In the previous Civitas Poll, Cooper held a 9 point lead over McCrory. The 5 point lead McCrory has in this poll is the largest McCrory has had in the last two years.

It turns out, liberals may not have convinced the public as much on this transgender bathroom issue as they had assumed.

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