Donald Trump Thanks Ex-Girlfriend What's-Her-Name for Helping to Clear His Name

Apparently, the New York Times ran a story on Sunday accusing Donald Trump of being a serial sexual harasser – basically, Bill Clinton without the charm. I haven’t read the story and can’t comment about its particulars, but just based on what we actually know of the things Donald Trump has said about women in public it would be pretty stunning if the basic gist of the story wasn’t true.


Anyway, one of the women featured in the story, Donald Trump’s ex girlfriend Rowanne Brewer, came forward and claimed that the NY Times twisted her words to make Trump look bad, and that Trump always treated her well. Note that her name is RowanneThat will become important when you see how Trump thanked his ex for coming to his defense:

Mediaite reported Monday that Donald Trump took a victory lap on Twitter after his ex-girlfriend told Fox & Friends that The New York Times twisted her words to make him look bad. But shortly afterwards, Trump deleted two of the tweets in question.

Trump tweets

The reason for the deletion appears to be that Trump got his own ex-girlfriend’s name wrong. Her name is Rowanne, not Roseanne (or Rosanne).

He soon put up corrected tweets.

I don’t know the truth of what happened between Trump and good old Roseanne, or Rosanne, or whatever the hell her name was, but I’ll tell you this: I bet she feels even more respected and cherished by Trump now.



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