Trump: "You can throw free trade out the window." (VIDEO)

This is why Donald Trump is happening to America. It isn’t because the GOP betrayed their principles, and it isn’t because conservative pundits demanded too much of Republicans in Congress. It’s because, as a movement, we forgot the need to educate people on why the things Donald Trump says in this clip are absolute and total nonsense.

The problem is that conservatives got arrogant on their own success. The last 20 years have seen an unprecedented level of success for the GOP, electorally speaking. We started taking it for granted that people just believed in conservative economic ideals and the free market, and we forgot that it takes nearly constant reminders and education to the public to convince them that it is almost always a bad idea for the government to monkey with the market in any way.

We forgot what a siren call it was for people to hear, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” We forgot that people will always look to their immediate interest to the detriment of their remote interest, if you don’t constantly remind them of how the one affects the other. And so this guy, Trump, comes along and spews absolute nonsense and we can’t understand why people are taking him seriously.

I’m starting to understand that it’s a massive failure of education throughout the system, and it’s something that will have to be addressed – if it’s not already too late.