The Tragic Self-Beclowning of Unofficial Trump Surrogate Mike Huckabee

The Tragic Self-Beclowning of Unofficial Trump Surrogate Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee is the pettiest and most deluded oleaginous mass of human flesh I have had the displeasure of observing in politics. I never used to dislike Huckabee as much as some other people did, but this election season has really exposed what a crappy human being that he is.

He is so petty and jealous that Iowa evangelical leaders preferred Ted Cruz over him that he’s been acting as a de facto surrogate for Donald Trump ever since. However, he lacks the courage to make it official because he knows it will hurt his book selling brand with his audience, so he bravely sent his daughter out to do the dirty work for him.

His stupid, fake cornpone schtick took a tragic turn towards the self-beclowning on Sunday. How bad did Mike Huckabee hurt his reputation? Well, he found himself favorably quoted by the wrongest man on the Internet, Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit.


Here’s a thought for Mike Huckabee: watch the news every now and again. Maybe read a book. Pay attention to the fact that America hates Donald Trump. Poll after poll has shown that beating Donald Trump in the primary is step one to beating Hillary, because if Trump gets the nomination, Hillary will have a cakewalk to the presidency.

In other words, stopping Trump and stopping Hillary amount to the same thing. No one with a functioning brain believes to the contrary. Frankly I think a lot of Trump’s own supporters realize this, they just want to stick it to the GOP anyway.

But beyond that, the idea that Cruz and Kasich have been giving a free pass to Hillary is absolutely absurd. Both have been attacking Hillary regularly and daily on the campaign trail. You know who has given Hillary an absolute free pass this entire campaign season, while focusing all his time attacking other Republicans? Donald Trump.

Stop with the projection, put down the fried Oreos, and go on a search for your self-respect, Mike Huckabee, because it appears to have taken a leave of absence.

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