Did Ted Cruz's Campaign Manager get Cruz a Free Commercial on ESPN?

Apparently, Ted Cruz’s campaign manager Jeff Roe was in Houston last night watching the game between the Red Sox and Astros. Roe seems to have forked out the big dollars for a seat behind home plate for one reason. As the Blaze reports:

Ted Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe gave the idea of “earned media” a completely new meaning Sunday night as he held a “Cruz 2016″ sign while sitting behind home plate during a national broadcast baseball game between the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox.

Politico reporter Shane Goldmacher noticed Roe and fellow Cruz staffer David Polyansky and was first to tweet a video of the duo and their sign.

Here you can see it, clear as day:

Brilliant move by Team Cruz, who held this sign during the entire nationally televised broadcast right where everyone could see it. “Earned media,” indeed.

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