Two New Indiana Polls Show a Very Close Race

Two New Indiana Polls Show a Very Close Race

Last night, two new polls of the Indiana Presidential preference primary were released, and they both show the same basic picture of the race. According to these polls, one conducted by Fox News and one conducted by Howey Politics, Trump is clinging to a single digit lead in the Hoosier state.

The top line of the Fox News poll shows Trump leading Cruz 41-33, with Kasich pulling in 16%. The Howey Politics poll shows it a little closer, with Trump at 37, Cruz at 31, and Kasich at 22.

It isn’t 100% necessary for Ted Cruz to win Indiana, but it would definitely help blunt the Trump momentum after what is expected to be a big day for Trump this Tuesday. It looks like Kasich, who has been selling himself on his midwestern appeal, cannot really even be competitive in his neighboring state of Indiana, much of which is basically West Ohio. He can, however, take votes away from Ted Cruz and thus help Donald Trump get more delegates, which makes a contested convention less and less likely.

So, awesome job as usual, John Kasich.

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