ALL the Campaigns Shut out of Kentucky Delegate Selection

For better or worse, Kentucky GOP officials pretty much completely shut out ALL the campaigns of loyalists when they selected their delegates today at a flash state party convention. Rather, party officials selected prominent elected officials and party leaders to fill the delegate slots, which means that virtually no loyalists for any campaigns were selected.

Kentucky Republicans selected a group of 25 national delegates Saturday, dominated by top party leaders and insiders.

Saturday’s event largely left the Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich campaigns sidelined. It was a flash mob of a state convention, lasting just a few hours in comparison to the sometimes days long affairs in other states where Cruz and his vaunted ground game has bested Trump. In fact, campaigns sent higher profile surrogates to Maine, which was battling out how to distribute their delegates on the same day.
Topping the list of Kentucky delegates picked Saturday were Gov. Matt Bevin, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Rand Paul, after being selected by a small group of party leaders led by former Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan.
This is not really good news for Ted Cruz, but it is also a bit of bad news for Donald Trump. Trump’s victory in Kentucky was very narrow and almost none of the people selected will be inclined to vote for Trump. A significant part of Kentucky borders on Ohio and a lot of these folks will be tempted to vote for Kasich on a second ballot. The idea that a significant number will remain loyal to Trump after the first ballot is pretty farfetched.
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