ICYMI: Sean Hannity and Ted Cruz Threw Down on Hannity's Radio Program Yesterday

Somehow, in the hustle and bustle of all the New York coverage yesterday, we missed this. If you have not yet listened to this interview between a clearly defensive Sean Hannity and an increasingly angry Ted Cruz, you owe it to yourself to do so, even though it is about 13 minutes long. I have listened to Hannity for years and I can safely say that a) this is the most defensive I have ever heard him and b) this is the most hostile interview he has ever had with an elected Republican. Listen for yourself.


Three things.

1) Note that at no point did Ted Cruz bring up the issue of Hannity’s servile treatment of Trump. Hannity repeatedly brings it up defensively.

2) Hannity’s dogged determination to get an answer out of Cruz on the delegate question shows that Hannity definitely knows how to conduct a tough interview, and to not let the subject of an interview evade a question, and to stay doggedly on track until he gets an actual answer to the question he has asked.

3) Try to imagine Hannity staying on Donald Trump like this for 13 minutes about the same question until he gets an actual direct answer to a politically difficult question. I’ll bet you can’t do it, not even in your imagination. I know I definitely can’t.


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