This New Rutgers New Jersey Poll is the Most Garbage Thing I've Ever Seen

So, we have the first garbage poll of New Jersey since the last garbage poll of New Jersey, also conducted by Ruters-Eagleton, in February. This one purports to show that Trump is on pace to get 52% of the vote, which is way up from the last time this joke poll was released.

Two huge problems with this poll. First, it does not purport to measure likely voters, an especially huge problem in a closed primary like New Jersey’s. Second, the entire sample size is 244 registered Republicans. This is an absolutely statistically meaningless poll. It’s so lazy it’s almost insulting. You’re not even screening for likely voters and you could still only find 244 respondents?

This is really so transparent it’s almost sickening. They released this garbage, knowing it was useless, but knowing that political junkies would click it anyway, and thus would the names “Rutgers” and “Eagleton” be repeated in people’s minds.

Well, whatever, there you have it. Until a reputable poll comes along, this is what we have, and it’s probably worse than having nothing since it’s actively misleading.