Kasich Discusses the Possibility of Being Trump or Cruz's VP on Meet the Press

John Kasich is even more deluded than you could have possibly believed, apparently. Kasich has already been mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination. Kasich needs 1,094 delegates in order to reach 1,237, and there aren’t that many delegates even outstanding. Thus, if John Kasich wins 100% of the delegates going forward, he will still come up short.


And by the way? Spolier alert: John Kasich is not going to win even nearly 100% of the delegates going forward.

In fact, it’s highly likely that Kasich won’t cross the 8 state win threshold that is required per the RNC rules to even be eligible to be nominated. Literally the only possible play John Kasich has right now is using whatever delegates he can cobble together in order to extort a Vice Presidential nomination out of one of the candidates.

To hell with all that fancy math stuff, John Kasich says. I’m gonna win!

Todd: Earlier in the week, you totally ruled out ever being Donald Trump’s running mate.

Kasich: Yeah, under no circumstances. What are you people, kidding me? (Jaw twitches feverishly as the alien that lives inside Kasich’s skin adjusts its Edgar suit)

Todd: Alright, what about Ted Cruz?

Kasich: No, I’m running for President!

Let me put this another way: John Kasich has as much chance of winning the Republican nomination this year as the Philadelphia 76ers have of winning the NBA championship – which is to say, no chance. See, they’re mathematically eliminated, but even if they weren’t, they suck compared to all the other NBA teams so even if you reset the season today, they would still have literally no chance.


They’re exactly like John Kasich that way.

In fact, just before the segment above, Kasich was grilled brutally by Chuck Todd about his insane battle plan and how he’s defeating himself with his current tactics.





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