Scared Donald Trump to Hide Behind Chris Christie's Skirt

This is how desperate Donald Trump is to change the news cycle. Trump has had Christie’s endorsement in his back pocket the whole time. He could have released this whenever he wanted to. He did it today to try to divert attention from the fact that he got his face stomped in by Rubio in last night’s debate, and that the face stomping is still continuing today. Clearly, he is desperate to remind people that Christie once got the better of Rubio in a debate.

The optics of this aren’t looking as good for Trump as he thinks, though. He’s basically admitting, with this move, that he is not able to deal with Rubio himself. He definitely looks like he’s running and hiding behind Christie’s skirt. And in case you were wondering, Donald Trump – no, Chris Christie cannot debate Rubio for you next time.

Here’s what a lame, pathetic move this is – for all that Rubio lost that debate before New Hampshire, Chris Christie did not win it. So few people care what Chris Christie think anymore that he actually finished behind Rubio at the very lowest moment of his campaign. This is not the narrative changing moment that Trump hopes it will be.

No one has more thoroughly burned through his goodwill with conservatives than Christie has since 2012. Thank goodness we are almost done with him holding an elected office.

One more thing:


One other question, just out of curiosity – is it okay for Donald Trump to call this HUGE, or nah?

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