Trump: Sure I Said My Sister Should be on the Supreme Court, but I Have no Idea What She Believes (VIDEO)

Donald Trump held an impromptu press conference today that was perhaps an even bigger trainwreck than his meltdown in the debate on Saturday or his worse meltdown on the Sunday shows. I have no idea why, but Ted Cruz is causing Donald Trump to absolutely lose his mind. First, he claimed that it was an “absolute lie” that he would or might nominate a liberal to the Supreme Court. Can you imagine the gall of Ted Cruz, saying such a thing?


After this, the media immediately noted that Trump had at one point said that his sister, who is a sitting federal judge, would make a great Supreme Court judge. Trump allowed that this was the case, but then repeatedly said that he “has no idea what she believes.” Seriously!

Trump: Can you imagine my sister? By the way, my sister was appointed by Ronald Reagan. Elevated, elevated, I believe, in the Clinton administration, but she was appointed, originally appointed by Ronald Reagan.

Reporter: Let me ask you a different question, if families are off limits [inaudible]

Trump: I think first of all, my sister has nothing to do with me! (Ed note – a rich assertion for someone who has spent the last six straight months bashing Jeb Bush over things George W. Bush did). I mean, she’s a federal judge at a high, high level, court of appeals, and she was appointed by Ronald Reagan, initially appointed by Ronald Reagan, a highly brilliant woman, known as a great, you know, very brilliant judge, I don’t even know what her views are, and I don’t think she’d want to tell me. I think she’s a very inter… she doesn’t… I remember one of your cohorts wanted to do a great story about her, I said listen, they want to do a great story about you, she said no.. I think frankly, she’s a federal judge, highly respected at every level, by both sides, by everybody, and I don’t know that that’s, I mean, certainly what he said about her is horrible, they made her sound just horrible. She may have views on certain things, I’ve never asked her views, I don’t want to ask her her views, I don’t think it’s appropriate. She is a solid person and a great intellect and she’s acknowledged as being so on the court.


Well, let me help Donald Trump, because he doesn’t have to ask his sister her views. They’re a matter of public record. She wrote a decision, that has been covered extensively, which took a radically pro-abortion position. And she did not say that she was merely following the law as she understood it, she castigated New Jersey’s attempt to outlaw partial-birth abortion (which was supported by about 80% of the American public and ultimately upheld by the Supreme Court) as a “desperate attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade).

Let me also note for Donald Trump that federal judges who were initially appointed by Ronald Reagan, and subsequently elevated to the court of appeals by Bill Clinton, are what Ronald Reagan would refer to as “mistakes.”

Now look, Donald Trump did not say that his sister would make a great Supreme Court justice during idle conversation before he started running for office. This was not the result of family pride in someone who was an appellate Federal judge. He said this over two full months after he began running for President, when he was in full campaign mode.

See, this is why Ted Cruz says things like “Donald Trump would appoint liberal Supreme Court justices.” It’s because he apparently has no interest in examining a person’s actual record before deciding whether they would make a great Supreme Court justice, because to do so would be “inappropriate.”




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