Mexico's Former President Fact Checks Donald Trump

In one of the most superfluous fact checking missions in the history of the modern media, someone finally got around to asking former Mexican President Felipe Calderon if Mexico had any interest in paying for the wall Donald Trump swears he will build on the southern border. You probably did not need Calderon to actually tell you this, but it turns out the answer is “no.”


Donald Trump may want to build a wall across the U.S. southern border to keep Mexican migrants out but don’t expect Mexico to pay for it, former President Felipe Calderon told CNBC, calling the billionaire a “not very well-informed man.”

The GOP presidential hopeful insisted in October that if elected, he would build a wall aloing the Mexican border and get Mexico to pay for it. But Calderon, Mexico’s president from 2006 to 2012, told CNBC on Saturday that there was no way that Mexico would pay for it.

“Mexican people, we are not going to pay any single cent for such a stupid wall! And it’s going to be completely useless,” Calderon said.

Well look, we can debate the efficacy of the wall with Calderon all day long. Personally, I think it would be a decent first step, but I reject the idea that Calderon is any sort of authoritative figure on that. He is, however, somewhat of an authority on whether there is any circumstance under which Mexican money is going to pay for the wall, and the answer, quite obviously, is “no.”

As I noted, you didn’t need Felipe Calderon to tell you this. Any person possessed of basic common sense could have told you that Trump has been full of bovine fecal material with this claim since day one. The only way you can force a country to pay for something they don’t want to pay for is basically to invade their country and take the money from them. The idea that we would actually invade Mexico for the purpose of exacting tribute to pay for a wall on the currently existing border is kind of insane but who knows; maybe that is something Trump really might do.


My opinion of Calderon is as low as the next guy’s, but there’s really only so much the U.S. President can do to deal with Mexico short of using military force, and presumably even Donald Trump knows this. Whether he will ever bother to tell his supporters is another thing.


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