Hillary Wants to Release Top Secret Information While Hiding What She Said to Goldman Sachs

Although the State Department has been doing their best to cover Hillary Clinton’s backside during the current email controversy (over the protests of the United States intelligence committee), even the State Department found 22 emails that they decided simply could not released, even with redactions, that were found on Clinton’s server.


Since this revelation, Clinton has repeatedly insisted that this is over-classification gone amok, and called for the emails to be released and made public in order to clear her name.

Ponder this for a moment if you will. Here is information that her own former agency – who is acting at the behest of Obama, who clearly wants her to be elected – has decided simply cannot be made public in the interest of national security. Clinton does not care about that, she wants the information out there just for the sake of protecting her own re-election campaign.

Meanwhile, Clinton is being attacked by Bernie Sanders over releasing the transcripts of her speeches over the last few years, so that we can see what she said to these groups that is of such incredibly importance that it merited paying her over $200,000 an hour. It should go without saying that nothing Clinton said in these speeches was top secret (or at least, it better not have been), or any kind of secret at all, nor was any sort of legal privilege or anything else at issue. As Bernie Sanders noted:

Sen. Bernie Sanders — who leads Clinton by more than 12 points heading into the New Hampshire primary Tuesday, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average — said Sunday the public should get to see what Clinton said to Wall Street executives behind closed doors.

“Her point is that she’s given these speeches. But my understanding now is, her campaign says she’s not going to release those transcripts. That’s her decision,” Sanders said during an appearanceon CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

“But I think it would be a positive thing for the American people to know what was said behind closed doors to Wall Street,” Sanders added. “But, ultimately, that is her decision.”


Sanders has a point. Clinton is by far the largest beneficiary of Wall Street donations, even while she talks tough about her ability to crack down on Wall Street when she is on the campaign trail. The content of Hillary’s speeches to these groups – when it has been well known since the day Bill Clinton left office that she would one day run for President – is an item of legitimate public interest, especially in the modern political climate. And, as noted above, there’s no national security implications for her releasing them.

However, Clinton thinks there’s no good reason to release them. Unlike, say, the top secret information that’s contained on her server that she’s basically begging to have released to the public:

Clinton dismissed the suggestion that she was going to release any of her speech transcripts during an appearance Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

“Let everybody who’s ever given a speech to any private group under any circumstances release them,” she said of the transcripts. “We’ll all release them at the same time.”

Clinton argued she was being held to an unfair standard by facing pressure to make public the speeches she gave to special interest groups over the past two years.

“At some point, you know, these rules need to apply to everybody,” she said. “And there are a bunch of folks, including, you know, my opponent, who’s given, you know, speeches to groups and people on the other side who’ve given speeches to groups. Let — if this is now going to be a new standard so then it should apply to everybody and then I’ll be happy to look into it further.”


Hey, personally, I am all for this. If any of the Republican candidates have given speeches for hundreds of thousands of dollars to Wall Street banks or anyone else, then by all means let’s pressure them to release what was said. In the meantime, however, maybe Clinton could be at least as cavalier with the transcripts of her own speeches as she is with the national security of the United States.


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