Mike Huckabee's Desperate, Loathsome Attack on Ted Cruz

The best news about the Iowa caucuses this year is that after they are over, they will send Mike Huckabee into the political oblivion that he so richly deserves. When last we saw Mike Huckabee, he was basically accusing every evangelical who didn’t back him of being on the take (despite having absolutely no evidence of this) and and claiming that if he were elected, he would by the sheer force of his personality turn all of America Baptist or something.


Then, to follow that up, he spent a couple weeks living inside Donald Trump’s pouch and auditioning for a VP spot that Trump is never going to give him. In spite of the fact that Trump is manifestly zero per cent Christian in any meaningful sense, and claims that he’s never asked God for forgivness (nor ever needed to) in his whole life, Huckabee thinks Trump is great these days. Meanwhile, a pro-Huckabee Super PAC (how is it possible that such a thing even exists) released this contemptible ad that basically calls Ted Cruz a fake Christian, and they are spending basically their whole wad of cash to run it in Iowa.

Normally I wouldn’t post such a thing here, but it’s almost as terrible and cringe inducing as Huckabee’s awful Adele ad, so I’m going to post it here so that you can understand the shame he deserves for being associated with this:

There’s a fake Christian in this race, alright, but it isn’t Ted Cruz.


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