Don't Worry, Jeff Sessions, Trump Will Still Respect You in the Morning

Jeff Sessions has never really been accused of being the brightest person in the Senate, but if you are someone who values a strong fighter against illegal immigration, then Sessions has been a valuable fighter for your issues. Now, in spite of years of fighting alongside Ted Cruz, whose efforts to defeat amnesty Sessions has repeatedly praised, Sessions appears set to endorse Donald Trump.


This news comes after Trump has spent the last week turning his back on everything he stood for at the beginning of his campaign, specifically promising to cut deals with Pelosi and Schumer, and admitting that he really only plans to wall off “about 1000” miles of the U.S. border since the other 1000 has natural barriers – in other words, the exact same amount of wall that is supposed to already exist under United States law.

This news also comes after mounting evidence that Trump has been a supporter of amnesty as recently as last year – which goes along with his publicly televised statements in 2011 and 2013 in support of amnesty, to say nothing of the fact that he literally used the word “amnesty” to describe his immigration plan in 2013.

A lot of Trump’s hardcore supporters can be expected to stick with Trump regardless of how many times he betrays them. Let’s be honest, they aren’t in it for any policy in particular, they are just attracted to the Trump cult of personality. Sessions, however, allegedly does believe in some issues, and should be expected to have at least noticed that Trump has pulled a complete 180 in the last two weeks.


But not to worry, Jeff. I’m sure Trump will still respect you in the morning, and will not at all turn his back on your issue once he gets elected.


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