Donald Trump and Sarah Palin Saved Hillary Clinton from a Terrible News Cycle

Yesterday’s revelations about Hillary’s email server were the most damaging yet, as it was revealed that several dozen very highly classified documents were found on her homebrewed (and very non-secure) email server. These revelations were so damaging that even MSNBC has spent much of the day openly worrying about the continued viability of the Hillary campaign.


However, this was apparently not news enough to overshadow the combined media freakshow quality of Sarah Palin and Donald Trump on a stage together. According to NewsBusters, the major networks (NBC, ABC, CBS) spent a total of ten minutes and 31 seconds in their nightly news broadcasts discussing Palin’s bizarre endorsement speech for Trump.

The revelations about Hillary’s email server? Zero minutes, zero seconds.

Naturally, the networks saw no interest in even mentioning it to their viewers in their coverage of the 2016 campaign. As this writer noted above, the networks reserved a whopping five segments (one on ABC, one on CBS, and three on NBC) for the Iowa rally in which the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee endorsed the billionaire frontrunner.

Leaving even that aside, all three networks spent a separate three minutes and 46 seconds across two reports and one news brief on the Democratic race but did not use that opportunity to even once allude to the cloud surrounding the former secretary of state (as socialist Senator Bernie Sanders opened up a 27-point lead against her in a new poll from New Hampshire).

As the race goes forward and more developments break concerning either the Clinton e-mail server or Clinton Foundation scandals, it will be worth watching to see if the networks flock to the latest happenings concerning Trump as an excuse for not covering these scandals. Based on recent history, there’s no reason to doubt that this will not be the case.


You do have to wonder if the media’s obsessive fixation on Trump, which they justify to themselves under the guise of “ratings,” is a deliberate excuse for the networks to not cover the increasingly alarming revelations about our nation’s most sensitive classified information and the slipshod manner in which former secretary Hillary Clinton treated it.


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