First Look: Atlas Shrugged--Dagny Confronts the Union

Last week, while passing through Sin City (aka Washington, DC), I had the opportunity to attend a screening of Atlas Shrugged, Part One at the Heritage Foundation.


As one whose life took a remarkable turn nearly two decades ago, in part due to Atlas Shrugged, waiting for a movie version of Ayn Rand’s novel to hit the big screen has been an effort at exercising endless patience. However, that patience has paid off with this movie.

Despite the novel being published in 1957, in an era of looters seeking to devour producers—from the White House in Washington to the streets of L.A.—Atlas Shrugged is a movie that speaks to the issues of today. And, just as importantly, it is a faithful adaptation of the novel that Americans surveyed describe as the second most influential book in their lives (after the Bible).

Following the screening, and in light of all that is going on in Madison and elsewhere, Harmon Kaslow (one of the producers) stated that he would release one of the scenes in which the heroine, Dagny Taggart, confronts the union boss.


Below, courtesy of “The Strike” Productions, Inc., is a first-look at the scene Dagny confronts the union*.


While its April 15th theatrical release is limited for the moment, according to the producers, a blockbuster weekend will see it released in more theaters quickly. So, after you’ve made the mad dash to the post office to get your tax returns filed, grab your date and be sure to see Atlas Shrugged, Part One.

Here is the list of theaters showing Atlas Shrugged on opening weekend.


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