Donald Trump Is Finally Getting His Wall

Donald Trump has been begging for a wall since he announced his candidacy, and he is finally getting it.

Unfortunately, it isn’t on the Mexican border like he wants. Instead, it will be built around Trump Tower.


The campaign, titled “Wall In Trump” has started an Indiegogo page to raise funds to build a wall made out of sandbags right smack-dab on the front lawn.

Trump has gone too far with fear mongering and hate speech. We want to send a message that only he will understand. On August 30th, in a stand of solidarity, we will build a quarter-million pound sandbag wall on the front lawn of one of Trump’s skyscrapers in NYC.

The group also explained what they need for this plan:

  • Your $10 donation allows you to drop one heavy sandbag in front of Trump’s property. Together we are going to make a BIG statement. With every donation you will have access to this invoice, which we recommend you mail to the attention of Donald Trump for reimbursement.
  • Your $50 gives you a chance to speak out. Take this opportunity to send a message to Trump. We will embed a Youtube video of your choosing on our webpage (in addition to delivering a sandbag for you).
  • We need to raise $60,000. We’ve been quoted $30,000 for the delivery of 10,000 25 lb sandbags from Sandbags LLC – a national sandbag supplier, who has a distribution center 45 minutes from Central Park in New Jersey. Additionally, it will cost $15,000 to remove the sandbags. The remaining $15,000 will go to purchasing event permits from the Central Park Authorities, hiring security, and insurance. Anything in excess will be donated to the “I Have a Dream” Foundation.
  • The more money we raise, the bigger this wall can be. The economies of scale work such that our removal fees increase only slightly with every 5,000 sandbags purchased. This means more funds for our friends at The Foundation.
  • If we don’t reach our entire goal – every dollar raised will go to the “I Have a Dream” Foundation.

This is a very creative (and, most importantly, peaceful) protest idea. If only more people from both sides could protest like this, instead of the same unoriginal chants and unchecked anger.


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