Jim Crow on Steroids: Fox News Contributor Kicked out of Miami Restaurant for the Crime of Being Black and Conservative

Gianno Caldwell is a Fox News contributor, author and activist. Raised on the south side of Chicago, Caldwell often credits his upbringing with helping him to be resilliant and driven. When his teenage brother was murdered by random gunfire on a Chicago street corner one Friday morning last summer, Caldwell became a passionate spokesperson for justice. In particular, Caldwell has railed against the lax crime policies of liberal legislators and prosecutors in cities across the nation. He even testified in front of Congress recently, as someone who has been directly affected by the unchecked violence plaguing American cities.


Caldwell also happens to be black, and apparently the combination of his racial identity and his politics were too much for one North Miami restaurant owner. In an incident that calls to mind the bitter past of many black Americans who sacrificed their own lives and safety just for the right to eat in the same establishments as any other American, the owner of Paradis Books and Bread kicked out Caldwell and his dining companions, citing his politics as the problem.

The young author appeared on Fox News to discuss the incident. He told host Rachel Campos-Duffy the owner of the cafe had been listening in on his conversation with his friends, a group of people he was just trying to get to know in his new neighborhood.

Yesterday, we were having breakfast at this particular location which I had never been to. It was their suggestion to visit this particular place. One of the owners came over to the table and told us she had been listening to our conversation, we were not welcome there, and I said to her, I said, “Did I say something that was triggering to you?”  She said no, she said, “Our politics don’t align. I’m one of the owners. I’m an owner here. I don’t feel comfortable, you have to leave.”

So then I stood up, I walked out and so did the rest of my group. Now, here’s what we were talking about that was so problematic for this lady who happens to be white, I believe. I was talking to them, as they were getting to know me for the first time, about Fox News. They said how do you like you know working over at Fox News? Talking to them about my values. They said, are you a conservative? I said, yes. In fact, I have a book called Taken For Granted: How conservatism can win back the Americans liberalism failed.  I talked to them about my brother. In fact, I was on Capitol Hill, just the other week, talking to members of Congress about violent crime in America and trying to get justice for my brother and other victims of violent crime. I also talked about progressive DAs and how they are exacerbating crime across the country.

This was so problematic to this lady that she told me that I needed to get out of her establishment. If this was the Jim Crow South, I couldn’t tell much of a difference. This is what they done over the course of the years and me being a black man, me saying that I’m a conservative, me having a conversation with these folks who did not mention anything about their politics, they didn’t mention anything at all. It was only me and his lady stared me down the entire time that I was in a restaurant. There’s a target on the backs of people who happen to be black, happen to be conservative and it needs to come to an end. Ron DeSantis said in Florida discrimination is not allowed and I hope that they’re going to look closely to what happened here at this restaurant.


A look at the restaurant’s website reveals an openly alt-left ideology. The first clue should have been that they call their carry-out offerings “takeaway.” How very European of them.

A small bakery program focusing on wholesome, naturally-leavened breads and baked goods, available daily for take away or scattered throughout our menu. 

They go on to tell customers that they are Very Concerned™ about all the terrible things, and are open about “intervening” if they see oppression or injustice taking place on their property.

Yes, you may now scoff.

No word on whether or not the owners intend to remove themselves from their establishment for exhibiting “racism, harm and oppression” to a young black man just there to have breakfast with friends. They did, however, issue a brief statement on the matter.

Their behavior and their words made other folks in the space as well as us working very uncomfortable. We told them that our views don’t align, and that the language they were using was unwelcome in our space.

Imagine being so fragile that simply having to share a room with a black man who is telling his friends (and no one else in the restaurant) about his fight for justice for his brother is beyond your capacity to tolerate. Caldwell was discussing his fight for the very things these people say they stand for and was treated like trash for it.


Hopefully, Caldwell will file a complaint with the state and the business will be brought to justice accordingly.

Talk about “Jim Crow on steroids.”


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