Jim Crow on Steroids Is Here...Courtesy of the Democrats

Carlos Osorio

Minneapolis public schools have struck a deal with their local teachers’ union that demands white teachers be the first on the chopping block when it comes to layoffs or downsizing.

It seems unthinkable that this could be an acceptable policy in 2022 in the United States of America, let alone one pushed by so-called educators, and yet, here we are.

The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers managed to negotiate the discriminatory contract during a 14-day strike. The agreement calls for “educators of color protections,” stating that when downsizing occurs, white teachers with the “next least” seniority must be fired first.

“Starting with the Spring 2023 Budget Tie-Out Cycle, if excessing a teacher who is a member of a population underrepresented among licensed teachers in the site, the District shall excess the next least senior teacher, who is not a member of an underrepresented population,” the agreement reads.

The layoff protocol for public school teachers is already absurd. Rather than targeting poor teachers with subpar performance records, it uses a system of seniority. The greenest teachers are the first on the chopping block. Now the teachers union is flouting its own ridiculous policy by adding another layer of absurdity, forgoing seniority for racial preference.

It is bizarre and sickening, but this is what Critical Race Theory (CRT) hath wrought. Those of us who have been sounding the alarm on CRT from the beginning have said this is exactly what it leads to. It is not just a method of educating children on equality and racism. It is, in fact, a method of educating children to be racist, except CRT worshippers call it “anti-racist.”

It is no accident that the word “racist” is a part of their philosophy. Putting “anti” in front of it doesn’t change the function of the idea. CRT is a racist philosophy and the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers are just one sect of this racial cult that is infecting our education system.

President Joe Biden referred to election integrity laws in states like Georgia and Texas as “Jim Crow on steroids.” His observation was the right size but it was the wrong shape. We indeed are hurtling into a new era of Jim Crow, but it isn’t Republicans asking for voter identification that is pushing us there. It is the same crowd that gave us the first iteration of Jim Crow.


Now the unholy alliance between the Democrat Party and teachers’ unions has combined to bring us that “Jim Crow on steroids” and the results are horrific, not just because of the blatant racism. The fact that they are attempting to disguise their racism as “equity and diversity” is beyond abhorrent. It’s exactly the same argument the racists of the civil rights era gave us for their segregation laws. “It’s better and more equitable for both parties if they are kept separated” has been the mantra of racist politicians for centuries.

The racially charged agreement also makes sure to point out that the union is just righting a wrong.

“Past discrimination by the District disproportionately impacted the hiring of underrepresented teachers in the District, as compared to the relevant labor market and the community, and resulted in a lack of diversity of teachers,” the agreement adds.

Even if it were the right thing to go against the one piece of advice we all got from our mothers at one time or another – two wrongs don’t make a right – it most certainly is not up to a teachers’ union to try to right hundreds of years of wrong by violating the Constitution.

Black Americans have had to fight for equality and our civil rights since the founding of the nation, but not because we needed to invent those rights. They have always been ours, but we have fought to have them restored. We know discrimination. We know bigotry. We know the pain it causes and the very real civil destruction that comes with it.

The Minnesota teachers’ union will not solve racism with racism. That their instinct is to divide people according to race should be a giant red flag. These people teach our children. We’ve seen before the evil results of segregating children when it comes to their education. That doesn’t change just because you put “anti” in front of “racism.”

Jim Crow on steroids is here, courtesy of President Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.



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