Huntsville Middle School Under Fire After Disturbing Political/Sexual Identity Survey Assigned to Seventh Graders

An Alabama middle school is under fire after a disturbing survey that was sent home with students.

Students in a seventh grade social studies class at Challenger Middle School in Huntsville, AL were provided a survey as a part of a homework assignment. Some of the questions included some very personal, inappropriate questions about the students and their sexual preferences, and even asked children to indicate the political ideology of their parents in very leading terms.


From WAAY31 News:

Those questions included things like sexual orientation and asking students how liberal their parents were. There were forty-eight questions in this survey and they were not vetted and approved school leadership or the district. The principal here at Challenger Middle School says the survey didn’t meet school standards.

One mother, who did not wish to be shown on television for fear of retaliation against her student (let that sink in for a minute), said the very last question asked students to “tattle” on their parents.

Yes, the very last question was ‘Are your parents liberal or progressive?’ and for their political thoughts. And the only answers to that were ‘yes, no or neutral.’ Which I feel is also, once again, very inappropriate to ask a child, and it just asks just for liberal or progressive parents, [so] it’s pretty much targeting conservative parents.

The principal at Challenger Middle School told WAAY31 they could not comment on any disciplinary actions that may or may not be applied to the offending teacher in question because they do not comment on personnel issues. The principal did say that emails had been sent out to parents apologizing and the survey had been pulled from the classroom.


One has to wonder – if no parent had complained, would district and school administrators have cared at all about the survey?

That’s a rhetorical question.

The social studies teacher felt so comfortable with his/her ideological agenda in the classroom that he/she did not even bother to run it past school officials. This is the real problem. Public school administrations across the country are reactionary, only spurred on by the attention of parents who have traditionally been the “go along to get along” type until recently.

This type of story is unfortunately all too common in the American public school system. It will be alert parents who have the courage to stand up for their children that will be the sunlight in the dark corners of public education. There is no other way, as evidenced by the response of the Challenge Middle School principal and administrators. They will take no responsibility, they are not interested in transparency, and they are more annoyed with parents who complain than with the fact their teachers are ignoring the basics of educating children in favor of indoctrination.



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