Michigan Education Department Training Teachers to Conceal Students’ Transgender Identity From Parents

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Remember when I wrote that article about how a California school district enlisted lawyers to train teachers to hide students’ gender identity from their parents? Well, it appears Michigan is also getting in on the act. How many more districts are doing the same?


The Daily Caller reported that the Michigan Department of Education (MDOE) has instituted trainings and resources to help educators and school staff assist children who believe they are transgender to transition to the opposite sex – without their parent’s knowledge or consent.

From the report:

The MDOE’s LGBTQ Students Project includes trainings and resources for LGBTQ students as well as educators on addressing students’ gender identity and sexual orientation in school, according to department training videos. The videos feature MDOE officials who advise the educators to hide students’ name or pronoun changes from parents.

Kim Phillips-Knope, a project lead of the MDOE’s LGBTQ Students Project, said in one of the training videos that “students have privacy rights” and that “schools don’t have a legal obligation to tell parents that a student goes by a different name or pronouns than their legal name.”

The official instructed teachers to allow the students to decide if they want their parents to be notified about their transitions. This means that educators won’t “unintentionally out a student to their family.”

This instruction is in line with the policies implemented by various school districts in Illinois, California, Wisconsin, and several other states.

In another video, a trainer says gender fluidity should be “normalized by age 5,” according to the Daily Caller. “Educators are also taught ways they can change or hide a student’s name in their roster without changing any data that may be accessible to parents.”

But this initiative goes even further than teachers encouraging children to transition to the opposite gender. The Daily Caller also noted:


In 2017, the MDOE issued their guidance on creating a “safe and supportive” environment for LGBTQ students which included providing “professional development opportunities on issues affecting LGBTQ students to district staff and board members.” The MDOE suggested that the training should extend past educators to “coaches, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians and administrative support staff.”

In California, the Glendale School District offered similar guidance to its teachers. The lawyers in the training recommended that they conceal documents like their Gender Support Plan, a blueprint for helping a student socially transition, and giving students two ID cards, one with the child’s given name and one with their chosen name.

There has been a nationwide backlash against the infusion of far-leftist views on gender identity, sexuality, and race. But stories like these show that progressives are undeterred in their efforts to indoctrinate and groom small children. The battle over this issue will be fierce, but those opposing this effort are mobilized and fired up. Hopefully, there will be more ways to protect children from this indoctrination effort.


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