Monday Mood Weekly Forecast: Clown Show

An Instagram image shows off the UK's new brigade of 'hate crime' vehicles

Welcome to your official mood forecast for the week. Allow me to grace you with my own personal forecast for the week ahead in news as dictated by our Monday Mood. This is not official rocket surgery, but feel free to take it very seriously.

“Look, politicians from both parties and four administrations have their fingerprints on America’s 20-year Afghanistan policy, but it is now President Biden who has become the face of this disastrous withdrawal. We have a new NBC News poll taken as Americans were witnessing this chaos in Kabul. Among all adults, Mr. Biden’s approval rating stands at a fairly mediocre 49%, 48% disapproving. In our polarized politics, that isn’t the end of the world, but if you compare that to last April, when the numbers were 53% approve, 39% disapprove, you start to see some erosion.

Now, not surprisingly, approval of Mr. Biden’s handling of the situation in Afghanistan as we’re watching all of this is extremely low, just 25%. But the president’s overall slippage is less about Afghanistan than about two other issues. Approval of his handling of the coronavirus is down a whopping 16 points — just 53% approve now, from 69% in April. And approval of his handling of the economy is standing at 47% — that’s upside down now because it was at 52. Mr. Biden has weeks to set things right in Afghanistan, and more than three years until the next presidential election. But let’s be honest, with headlines like this one in The Economist [“Biden’s Debacle”], the human tragedy at the end of this forever war is threatening to be a forever stain on Mr. Biden’s presidency.”

When even a top Democrat media stooge has to face reality, you know things are bad.

Everyone else is doing the job the current American administration just won’t do. While Biden claims that his administration is making every effort to rescue Americans from Afghanistan, media outlets and private groups are actually forming their own rescue teams and evacuating their people as well as their allies and their families. Fox News took out at total of 24 people. Radio personality Glenn Beck has raised over $20 million dollars to rescue Christians from the crumbling nation. Even the Brits have been rescuing American media personnel. It’s been a complete and utter circus.

An Australian state is shooting shelter dogs to prevent rescue volunteers from traveling to pick up the animals. Australia is experiencing a severe new round of lockdowns in the face of the Delta variant, with the military arresting lockdown protesters by the hundreds and government imposing restrictions on leaving the home, exercising and moving about in groups larger than two people. Is this real life?

Law enforcement in the UK has turned into a clown show. A literal clown show. UK police have unveiled a new rainbow-adorned vehicle they are calling “hate crime cars”. They are meant to “encourage” citizens to report LGBT hate crimes. They claim the “hate crime cars” are also meant to give “confidence” to other underrepresented groups as well. I guess they all just have to make do with the Pride flag slathered all over their “confidence.” Imagine having to fight crime all day long in this car. LITERAL. CLOWN. CAR.

Given all this, it looks like the forecast for the week ahead in news is for a CLOWN SHOW, with sporadic clown cars throughout the week. Good luck out there, and stay away from the clowns.