UK Police Turn Into Literal Clown Show As They Unveil New Rainbow-Themed "Hate Crime Cars"

An Instagram image shows off the UK's new brigade of 'hate crime' vehicles

We’ve all thought of our current political landscape at one point or another as a clown show.

As it turns out, police in the UK are accommodating that imagery by repurposing some of their police vehicles to serve as “hate crime cars.” But the “hate crime cars” have been painted in rainbow colors, very much bringing to mind the image of a clown car.


According to The Telegraph, the cars are meant to give people a visual “encouragement” to report hate crimes. The Telegraph claimed in their post that people will be encouraged to report “incidents such as social media comments.” While that headline may seem a bit tongue in cheek, UK authorities do indeed arrest citizens based on social media postings, in compliance with the controversial Communications Act. Recently, five people were arrested for posting racist comments about some soccer players during the Euro finals. Ostensibly, residents could flag down a clown car to report a mean tweet.

Deputy Chief Constable Julie Cooke said in an Instagram post that the cars were meant to give “confidence to underrepresented groups.”

Ms Cooke, who works at Cheshire Police, added that the “cars are there in the communities on normal policing patrol just to show the community that we want you to come forward… It is there to try and give confidence to our LGBT+ community, but also to other under-represented groups”.

Why is it that the only group that seems to matter is LGBT? Why aren’t the cars painted with Black Lives Matter insignia or the insignia of other social justice groups in the nation? There is something insidious about pointing to this one group as the only people who matter enough to have “special representation” in law enforcement service.


It’s especially insulting considering the fact that knife crime and rape have been skyrocketing in the UK, aided by “woke” law enforcement standards that make deliberate attempts to downplay crime by immigrants. Grooming scandals involving teenage girls and sex abuse rings led by Muslim immigrants have ignited rage across the region. Police have deliberately refused to make arrests and when they finally do, courts have slapped gag orders on the cases so that they cannot be reported on or dispersed to the public.

Harry Miller is a former police officer and the founder of Fair Cop. He told The Telegraph that not only are the cars silly, they politicize law enforcement and ignore the real dangers facing British residents.

“The problem is that the second that you see a rainbow car, you know that it is a police force that has made its mind up about some very contentious issues. You no longer see a police car or a police officer who is there to support everyone, from all political persuasions, without fear or favour.

“They have literally tied their colours to the mast and painted their cars with their political leanings. They are painting rainbows on their cars when we have figures showing that only seven per cent of violent crime ends in a prosecution.

“They have moved from policing crime to policing thoughts and speech, because it is easier.”

It seems appropriate. “Clown show” would be a great way to describe the current state of law enforcement in the UK. Or perhaps even “circus.”


One can only imagine the righteous anger that must fill a British parent who’s child has been the victim of unprosecuted rape or knife crime when they look at the effort the police are putting into their literal clown show.

Here’s a great interview from Sky News with LGBT podcaster Darren Grimes on the absolute ridiculousness of these latest measures even as Brits suffer the worst violent crime rates in decades.




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